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    Since upgrading to the new program, I’ve encountered two issues.

    1. After setting cue points, then closing the program, the cue points won’t re-load when the program is opened again. I’ve tried it with multiple songs located on different areas of my computer (e.g. iTunes file and hard drive file).

    2. When purchasing new songs on iTunes they will not show up in the global search unless I first physically load the file into a deck and then play the file.

    Any recommendations to troubleshoot one or both of these problems?


    Ryan Sherr

    Hello Robert,

    Cue points WILL store fine providing the song isn’t still in the deck when you shut down DEX 3 RE. Meaning, if you’ve just set cue points on the song, and its still in the deck and you want to shut down/restart to see if they stick – load another song into that deck first (so the song you just set the cue points on is no longer in the deck). So this is a little nuance we are working to fix!

    Now you can re-start DEX 3 RE and the cue points will be there. Be sure to shut down the software properly as well, since all items done in a session are saved upon shut down.

    If you download songs to purchases under iTunes, you may need to click OFF the purchases list under the iTunes tab in DEX 3 RE and back on to it. If you then ‘see’ the song it’s also been added to the search cache for searching. However, I may not be correct on this as I believe DEX 3 RE may only check what’s available in iTunes on startup. If this is the case, you can nest your iTunes media folder as a “favorite”. Favorites are updated dynamically, so on-the-fly. If you download a track in iTunes, in DEX 3 RE all you’d have to do is click on the folder in the iTunes media folder that it’s been downloaded into – at that very moment DEX 3 RE will scan the folder’s contents into the search cache/internal DB for searching.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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