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    Ryan Sherr

    Went to a new show last Friday and it was pretty slow. The KJ only had 8 singers so he was letting everyone sing two in a row.

    One singer got up and did an amazing rendition of “Too Much Time on my Hands” followed by an equally great “Satisfaction”.

    As he stepped off the stage two cops came out of nowhere and tackled him onto the dance floor.
    They got him cuffed and took him away.

    Another cop was questioning all of us as to whether we knew the guy but none of us did.

    She thanked us and was about to leave so I asked her what the guy was arrested for.

    She said “Inciting a Riot”

    I thought “WTF” and asked her how he could have been inciting a riot when there were like maybe 14 people total in the building.

    She said it was because he was throwing Styx and Stones at the audience.

    OK, so I totally stole that from another karaoke forum. “Karaoke Humor” too good not to share!



    Boo! Hiss. LOL

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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