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    I am still using as I did not have time to get loaded and tested. At a wedding, was trying to set a out cue and needed to kick off auto play and in the pursuing frantic panic as auto play continues to mix and me trying to stop it and set the cue point and get the right song loaded, Dex stopped on me. I can not tell you the exact order as I was working pretty hard to get things stopped and done. Going to the want page and going to make some suggestions there.


    Ryan Sherr

    3.6.1 has a memory leak issue that may manifest itself in different ways- so it MAY be related to that. You really want to be using now, so please update sooner rather than later.

    I saw your suggestions, and I like the copy back to sidelist and graying out after 15-20 seconds of playback. We had these in the every growing ‘to-do’. I don’t think nesting list in lists will be an option due to the current architecture (without a pretty huge re-write) however.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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