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    Still having issues with DEX3 not wanting to open when virus protection software is running. In order to get it to open at all, I need to disable the virus checkers totally. Now, when my working machine was never connected to the internet, this would not have been an issue, but now that songs can be streamed, and in the case of the Karaoke side, purchased directly through the software, my machine is connected and the virus prevention software is always on. Who wants to get a virus in their working machine? Even using the most basic Windows Security prevention software adversely affects the proper operation of DEX3, Due to this major issue, the newest versions of DEX3 are useless to me and I have had to rely on a much older version to continue to work with. Is there any timeline on when this issue will be worked out so we can use the software and also stay protected from viruses? This is the exact same issue I have with the demo version of LYRX for windows. Thank


    Ryan Sherr

    Just responded with the following to the other thread you posted this one – but here it is again:

    This is not a ‘DEX 3 issue’. This is an issue with the antivirus incorrectly flagging the new store built into DEX 3 as a trojan or similar. It’s called a ‘false positive”. As soon as DEX 3 (with store built in, so a current release) goes to access the server to download the latest catalog file (list of songs) the antivirus tries to block it completely, which will cause DEX 3 to exit (not crash). We’ve reported this already to the antivirus companies as a false positive, so it’s up to them, not us, to correct the problem at this time. It’s clearly not a virus, and we’re using standard methods of communication with the server.

    Antivirus companies will often ‘just block’ things they don’t see a lot of, as there’s simply no way for them to vet every single application or connection out there.

    For now, you can disable your antivirus, open up DEX 3, and after it fully launches re-enable your antivirus – then all should be well. A customer was also able to add DEX 3 to an ‘exception list’ in Avast so this no longer occurs. I would google that one for your particular antivirus to see if it’s an option for you, too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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