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    Dear Lord Jesus God…can I talk to a person…..

    It said update my card, I’ve done it…still continues to say I’m expired and won’t update my account….I can’t bounce back and forth to here…IF THERE’S A HUMAN BEING AVAILABLE* THAT CARES if I continue to pay….either find me on Facebook Ted Edwards Jr. in Panama city Beach or text me 850-348-1540…I’m on NOW….Need my subscription turned on ..

    Thank you



    Ryan Sherr


    When you update your CC you’re simply injecting the new credentials into the same billing cycle.

    If the system fails to bill on your usual scheduled bill date – it automatically tries again in 5 days. If it fails then, it tries in 5 more days. If it fails then, it will not try again until the usual bill date on the following month.

    When you update your CC you’re just injecting the CC details into this billing cycle. It doesn’t “charge now’ – but simply swaps the old credentials for the new, and continues to bill as designed.

    So, in the event you missed your bill date like this, and need immediate access – sign up AGAIN. Start a new subscription using a new user name/email address and log in with those credentials. All of the tracks you’ve already retrieved etc will continue to work under a new subscription.

    In the future, make sure to update your CC BEFORE it’s replaced or expired and it will not skip a beat.

    We are indeed exploring other subscription payment options for the KCP sub – one that will allow you to ‘pay now’ in the event you missed your bill date. The system we integrate with now ( a service of PayPal ) doesn’t have the options it was SUPPOSED to offer us (it was still being built out when we decided to use it over 3 years ago – but they dropped support).

    Sorry you ran into this issue Ted – we are a small team and can’t be around on the weekends (I would, but I’m spread really thin currently!).

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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