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    I am having problems with ppls history saving in the system … I have tryed New Show and cleared the old, but when ppl put a song in every song they have ever sang appears in history when I click their name. I only want songs they have in that night. Some have like 30 songs and hard to see the checks … It also seems to rearrange their song order depending on where song fell in history … I use songbookdb so I do not need singer history except for that night



    Ryan Sherr

    The issue is very likely because of how SongbookDB communicates to singers in the database. Even though you’re in a ‘new show’ singers can be imported into that show from any previous show. Thus, when songbookDB ‘calls’ to the singer in the DB to add them to rotation, they go in along with their history. It’s basically importing the singers into their new show with their history intact. I’m honestly not sure if there’s any fix other than having the singers create different accounts/singer names to associate with the ‘new show’ only.



    Hmmmmmmm …. well that sucks 🙁 … is singer history have its own database file?? … In otherwords is there a file I could erase that would be like starting over just for history of singers



    OR …. is this being imported in the the songbook plugin?? A issue that songbook may be able to help with?? Not really sure exactly how plugin work with Karaoki



    Hi guys

    SongbookDB doesn’t send any singer history data unless the “Restore Previous Session” checkbox is selected when logging into your venue (a feature designed to allow DJ’s to reload the show if their computer crashes), and even then it’s only the previous show’s data, not a full history.

    I’ll work with Ryan to see what’s going on Jim.

    Thank you,




    Thank You Shaun and Ryan for your time!

    To better explain this problem and why it is a problem.
    I have tryed to clear singer history when in history tab, But as soon as they put another song in though songbookdb … The full History is back … And again I have tryed new shows and clearing singer history that way.
    Now if I have a new singer and lets say they put in Ol Red, THEN I Love this bar & Zombie …. This is the order they will be in their rotation … and should be
    Now if I have a singer that has a long history and sang them in past … It will totally switch the order …. Basically wherever that song is in History it just puts a check next to it …. So if in their history Zombie is before the others .. It will make that their next song … even though they wanted Ol Red … which of course is something I can fix by readjusted the list …. But when they have like 30 songs in history it makes a lil difficult and the checks are VERY HARD to see …. And of course if I am using auto karaoke …. sometimes I dont catch the misorderer and then have them yelling NOT THIS SONG …. LOL
    Sure ya know how karaoke ppl can be … LOL

    Hope their is a way to fix this …. Even if includes deleting a history system file when I start

    Thanks again

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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