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    hello i hope someone can show me where i am going wrong

    i have the latest version of dex 3 and every thing works fine, however a friend of mine also has latest version and imported approx 400,000 karaoke tracks into dex database.
    if i check database it shows the files.

    if i do a search foe a track and try to play a track the search has found it will not play in any window.
    however if i go into explorer and find same track same filename it will play not a problem.
    what am i doing wrong plz


    Ryan Sherr

    That means you have dead links in the cache. It means the path to the files in question has changed since the first time you batch imported them into the DB. When you open/access a folder directly, you’re not using the cache, thus you’re directly accessing the files in their folder, and they will indeed load/play. My bet is you use an external hard drive and at some point the drive letter was changed, resulting in dead links. You can test this by right-clicking in any list, such as the database (middle section of the file browser), and select “remove dead files” — give DEX 3 some time to ‘think’, and it will report back with how many dead files were found and removed.

    You may then want to batch re-scan all tracks into the DB, just to make sure all products are searchable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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