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    My son had Dex shutdown on him at a wedding this weekend. This shutdown is typical of the times I have had it shutdown also. If i am in a hurry to do something, for example you want to shutdown autoplay and it is mixing a song and you are clicking on things to try to get it to stop and load a different song it is like you have confused the system by clicking buttons and it has to shutdown. I was not there with him and can only tell what he explained to me and he can’t really remember exactly what he did. I have had similar problems with it also and have posted before. Anyone else having issues like this?



    I have to come on here and tell about another shutdown. Just spend 1 and 1/2 hours setting up a folder for a event tomorrow, clicked on the x in the search box. It went red and I got the spinning circle and the message pcdj is not responding. Lost everything I had done for 1 and 1/2 hours setting cuepoints etc. Using We have to get this under control.


    Ryan Sherr

    Thanks for the report.

    Please update to DEX – it does included many performance improvements in addition to a few new features and bug fixes. You can update on the DEX 3 support page here:

    Can you please list the specifications of the machine that has the crash? Processor, RAM and graphics card most importantly. Also, about how many tracks total you have imported into the library.

    Thank you!



    I have a HP Pavilion Notebook running Intel Core i5-6200 CPU at 2.30 GHz. 12.0 GB ram 11.9 usable.
    64 bit operating system 1 TB hard drive. NVIDIA® GeForce® 940MX (4 GB DDR3 dedicated). 15.9 GB of music almost 3000 files. Both my machines are the same. Bought two at the same time and have done the same things to both.


    Ryan Sherr

    Thanks, and that’s more than enough machine for DEX 3.

    Make sure you have installed – and also make sure you’ve setup DEX 3 to always use your Nvidia dedicated graphics card, even if you’re not video mixing it will improve overall performance (since DEX 3 is built much like a ‘game’ in how it utilizes graphics for all operations)

    Here’s how to make sure DEX 3 uses your high-performance card. If you have an intel integrated graphics card too (most i-series machines do), when you allow windows to decide which graphics card to use it will almost always use the intel HD card and NOT the dedicated graphics card:

    Let me know how your testing goes from there – and if you do receive a crash moving forward exact steps to replicate would be really helpful.



    Thanks don’t have time to update to 3.7 today before my gig, will do it tomorrow so it is done for my gig Friday. Always trying to keep track of what I have done, but can be tough for exact details when you are doing much. Will make sure that it is using the right graphics.



    I went through the video above and do not have the right click option to run graphics. They are windows 10 home versions. How else can I get there?


    Ryan Sherr

    It may be that you only have the one graphics card – although most i-series machines are equipped with an intel HD card and a high-performance card (if you get a machine with a high-performance card like you have).

    You can check to see if you do have 2 cards by doing the following (you should have 2 display tabs across the top and one would say ‘intel HD’ and the other would be for Nvidia):

    Click on the icon for search (Cortana) and type in:


    And hit enter. Agree to the question you’ll be asked on screen.

    Now it will launch the direct x control panel – and you should see 2 display tabs if you have 2 cards, only one if you only have the Nvidia.

    Let me know what you find!



    Both computers only show the Intel HD card. Went to HP website and I am downloading the nvidia drivers. Wont install “can not find compatible graphics hardware”. But according to HP site it is supposed to be on my machine. Will continue to work at getting it installed.



    Well maybe I am wrong on it having the nvidia card. I guess I looked at so many when I bought them I thought it had it. This is from HP’s site
    Product name
    HP Pavilion 15-au023cl (ENERGY STAR)
    Intel® Core™ i5-6200U with Intel® HD Graphics 520 (2.3 GHz, up to 2.8 GHz, 3 MB cache, 2 cores)
    Memory, standard
    12 GB DDR3-1600 SDRAM (1 x 4 GB, 1 x 8 GB)
    Video Graphics
    Intel® HD Graphics 520
    Hard Drive
    1 TB 5400 rpm SATA

    Do I need to look at different machines?


    Ryan Sherr

    You don’t need to look for different machines UNLESS you’re mixing HD music videos. The shared Intel HD 520 cards are good enough for SD mixing and to run audio with DEX 3.

    Considering you also have 12GB of RAM that will help compensate, too.

    Let me know how the testing goes with DEX



    Hey guys,

    Just today I started having the same shut down issues! I am currently running the latest update, and started the program…started just fine…but when I clicked on “add folder”, it then pops up the error message that the rest of you have gotten, so I must close the program. I must say I have been “using/testing” this program for the last month or so, and have come across MULTIPLE bugs or errors. I will address those other issues in a different post, but for now can we figure out what the problem is with all this shutting down???

    My specs:

    AMD A6-3420M Quad-Core at 1.50 ghz
    AMD Radeon HD 6520G
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
    8 GB RAM

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