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    I recently had issues with my laptop crashing, I believe I that resolved, but now all the files in my Karaoki library are in red font with an X in front of them. All functions appear to work normally… file search works, playing files and running singer rotation works, BGM works. How do I get the file names to shop showing red? Thank you.


    Ryan Sherr

    What version of Karaoki is this? I recall this happening years ago, but not in some time. The RED color indicates (normally) dead links – which would mean the path to the files was broken. When this happens however the files shouldn’t be playable. I recall a bug that would prevent the songs from changing back to the proper color in the event the path was fixed.

    Maybe you should try the most recent “beta bug fixes” – install it and see if it fixes the color issue?



    Thank you Ryan. Indeed I was running an older Karaoki version… the latest Beta version corrected the file names from red to white on my main laptop, but still red on my backup laptop.



    Usually when the files show up in red with an “X” in front is because the filepath has changed. If you loaded all your cases and your external hard drive was listed as the E:// drive, Karaoki will continue to look for the songs on E://. I have had it happen where my external drive letter changes for some ungodly reason. Its an easy fix, tho.

    You just have to go to Disk Management find the external drive and right click, and choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths” and from that dialog box you can choose “change” and put it back to the original drive letter. Restart Karaoki and boom…fixed.



    I downloaded the new Karaoki 0.8.6064 and all my files are Red again as if they’re broken links but the files play.


    DJ Jim

    Hello Ryan:
    DJ Jim of Weatherford, Texas, here.
    Not sure if we’ve discussed this before, but I have thousands of tracks on karaoki that instead of “K” to the far left it has a yellow “A” & when I put songs from “A” on the screen all I get is the music and no lyrics. Is there a fix for this kind of unique problem?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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