what to charge for dj services

Get Paid (Enough) for Your DJ Services

It’s not always easy to determine the appropriate compensation for your DJ services. More often than not, a DJ might find that they accept lower fees than their time is worth. If this topic is all too familiar to you, check out this…
DJ advice and DJ tips

What Every DJ Should Never Leave the House Without

It’s the night of a really important gig... Your suit or outfit looks great, your DJ equipment is in the car, and your music is ready to go in DEX 3. But what else should you throw into your DJ bag before heading out? Our friends…
10 things only DJs understand

10 Things Only DJs Understand

DJ culture is nuanced and unique. What we deal with on the usual -- the experiences we have, the situations we often find ourselves in, and the requests we hear -- are as well. Often we form a tight bond with our fellow DJs other over those…
DJ Survival Kit

'DJ Survival Kit' (Infographic)

Article Submitted by our friends at USB Flash Drive. The stage manager gives you “the nod” and you know, it’s on. As you step out onto the platform, you try to steady your hands as the collective adrenaline of the crowd starts your…

DJ Turns NYC Subway Car Into A Mobile Dance Party

"Today, we Dance!" At times DJing becomes more "work" than what many DJ's got into it for in the first place:  Fun and connecting with an audience.  For many DJs it's spiritual -- music uplifts! AMK Productions set out to uplift commuters…

6 Powerful Daily Habits Of Successful Disc Jockeys (Video)

DigitalDJTips.com recently published an insightful article and accompanying video titled "The 6 Powerful Daily Habits Of Successful DJs" -- which we felt was a great share for our PCDJ community.  You have the DJ software, you've got that…

"A Real DJ Knows What Is Next"

Renowned DJ blog site DigitalDJTips.com posted an article today "The Single Skill You Truly Need To Be A Real DJ"   -- A great read for new DJs and seasoned pro's alike. It puts things squarely in perspective; while DJ software technology…

Freestyle DJ with DJ Cyn | Mobile Music with Jason Jones on #DJNTV

Another great interview video from the guys at Disc Jockey News and their Mobile Music segment with Jason Jones. Forget the set list!  DJ Cyn of DJ Cyn Productions (Denver Colorado) tours some and mostly DJs clubs and bars.  She considers…

10 Things That Annoy Club DJs

If you're a club DJ, I'm sure you'll concur. Irkitated has put a list together of the Top 10 things that annoy club DJs.  If you're trying to stay on the club DJs good side, read on.   If you're a club DJ, think about printing this…

Building Your DJ Social Profile Part 1: Facebook And Twitter

Social Media has essentially replaced email and even websites for many DJs.  Millions of people (and potential clients) engage on Facebook multiple times daily, while checking email once or less. As a DJ, building your social profile and promoting…

The Polarizing Topic of DJ Software "SYNC"

DJing is art to many.   The seamless blending of two tracks, on beat and harmonically, while layering in effects, scratching, loops and triggered samples to create an experience that’s transcendent for the audience.   As…