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Head Into The Cloud With PCDJ Karaoki

Karaoke software with the world’s first and only legal karaoke subscription built in – yeah, we got that. 6 months of development work and hundreds of hours of testing and we're finally there.  Introducing PCDJ Karaoki with Karaoke Cloud Pro integration.  It’s 100% legal and finally here for Pro KJ’s.    6 months ago we […]

Digital DJ Equipment: The Basics You Should Know

Manning the phones at PCDJ headquarters over the course of the last 14 years has taught me a couple key items: One, in this technology forward DJ software and DJ controller industry things change quickly over a short time span; I’m always learning new things from our PCDJ DJ and Karaoke software users. Two, that […]

Karaoke Software: Singing Its Praises

The original PCDJ Karaoke software We released our first professional karaoke software for hosting karaoke shows in 2002. It was quite simply an add-on plugin for PCDJ RED VRM and FX VRM, our flagship DJ software products at the time.   Truthfully it was an afterthought, a byproduct of other development projects we were working on […]

Free DJ Software?

DJ Software For FREE Catchy post title, huh?  Now that I’ve got your attention, we could use your input!   DJ software in recent years has obviously grown substantially in popularity, and one of the big reasons is a broader and still growing user base. DJ’s are today’s rock stars.  A recent article about Skrillex, […]

Fresh Karaoke Tunes Added This Month

Fresh Karaoke Tunes Added This Month Finally!  We’ve just posted close to 1500 new downloadable karaoke tracks from the Karaoke Channel (compliments of Stingray Music) to www.karaokelocker.com This is our biggest karaoke music update in a few months, and some of the notable tracks included are as follows (some older releases to be included as […]

Where Did All These DJ Controllers Come From?

Where Did All These DJ Controllers Come From?  It’s been over 10 years.  Wow, I’m old. The first DJ controller on the market ever, meaning sold commercially in stores as a true professional DJ software controller, was the Numark DMC-1. This simple, yet very efficient and effective DJ controller at the time, was created by […]

PCDJ Karaoke With In-Application Karaoke Subscription

PCDJ Karaoki With In-Application Karaoke Subscription PCDJ Karaoke With In-Application Karaoke Subscription – Sign of the times, or just a trend?  Music subscriptions are everywhere – from the Spotify’s and rdio’s, to the radio-centric Pandora and Last.fm.   It’s been said by many recently that ownership of content, in this case music, isn’t as important […]

The PCDJ Blog – Just Our Spin On Things

The PCDJ Blog – Just Our Spin On Things Welcome Back! Our goal here is to regularly provide you with some insight into not only what we’re up to here at PCDJ, but all things Digital DJ, Karaoke Software, and otherwise entertainment industry related.   You’ll receive input from various PCDJ team members and guest writers almost […]