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UK DJ Mixing Software and Karaoke Distributors – Digitop Ltd

Meet PCDJ's UK DJ Software and Karaoke Software distributors – Digitop Ltd.   Three years back PCDJ was seeking a new exclusive UK based DJ equipment distributor to offer and support our DJ and Karaoke Software products.  Our goal was to find a hard-working company that not only had previous experience with professional entertainment products, but also held similar values as ourselves.   Customer support, […]


Mobile DJ Tips With John Young: DJ Company Expenses Vs Pricing

Mobile DJ Tips – Company Expenses Vs Prices: John Young of Disc Jockey News breaks down the typical expenditures of running a Mobile DJ business. This well thought out and executed three-part Mobile DJ business video goes over the costs involved in running a successful and effective Mobile DJ event.   From DJ business advertising, insurance, gas, DJ association dues and […]


Mobile DJ Services: Pricing Tip

Your Mobile DJ services pricing can send the wrong message.    Jay Brannan provides this DJ Tip (In Under A Minute) in the video embedded below.  The point: To find what you do best as a Mobile DJ and stick to it, and your price points.   The multiple DJ services package price point example in the video explains that […]


Mixing Music Videos – What do you need?

Mixing Music Videos is an excellent way to add excitement to your gigs, offering your client the total multimedia experience and making your event more unique and memorable.  This equates to more referrals, and more money in your pocket. It’s a highly competitive DJ market out there, and mixing videos can help set you apart from […]

5 Tips For Getting Booked As A Wedding DJ

Wedding season is upon us which means Mobile DJs are gearing up for thier busiest and most profitable time of year.   You’ve been tinkering around with DJ Software and your DJ Controller for the last 8 months and you’ve gotten good feel for selecting the right tracks for nice flow. However, you’ve only DJ’d a […]


This Month’s Featured Karaoke Software And Karaoke Cloud Pro User – Russ “DOC” Wristen

Each month we plan to highlight one PCDJ DJ Software user and one Karaoke Software user, and their business.     Meet Russ Wristen, aka The Party ‘Doc’ DJ in Abilene, Texas, has been in ‘the business’ since 1975, doing radio and playing gigs the old skool way with turntables and 45’s.  In 1993 Doc turned to Karaoke as a means […]

What’s In A DJ Name? Choose It Wisely

Choosing your DJ name is a very important part of your brand and image, and there's more to it than you think. It's your identity, and once you've selected your DJ name you don't want to change it.  It's how your Mobile DJ business clients and Club DJ fans will forever indentify you, and with any luck (and […]


Optimizing Your Computer For DJ Software

When I’m not busy socializing with our PCDJ community via our forums, social sites and blog posts I like to take a few minutes each week to answer our sales and customer service lines, mainly to gauge our audience on what their frequently asked questions are regarding PCDJ and DJing with a computer in general.   […]

Sound Card for DJ Software, What Are They and Do I Need One?

Since our product specialists here at a PCDJ receive this question often from first-time callers, I figured it was worthy of its own blog post… What is a Sound Card (or otherwise known as Audio Card)? First off, your computer already has one built in (laptops have integrated single stereo output or surround sound output cards included […]