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Windows DJ Software Tips | Using WASAPI As An Alternative To Direct Sound Or ASIO Drivers

If you use DJ Software with Windows and don’t require pre-fade listening (headphone cuing) and simply use your built-in audio output device (sound card) you should try using the Microsoft WASAPI driver option as an alternative to Direct Sound. WASAPI, which is an acronym for Windows Audio Session API, is Microsoft’s most up-to-date method for communicating to your audio […]


DJ Software Tips: DEX 3 And RED Mobile 3 General Settings For DJ Controllers

With every free update to both of our DJ software offerings, DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3, we introduce support for additional DJ controllers from the best DJ equipment brands in the business. DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 now have native “plug-and-play” or “zero-configure” support for over 75 popular DJ controllers, the latest additions being the […]


DJ Software Tips: Using Search In DEX 3.2

What good is your massive audio, music video and karaoke library if you can’t find the song/s you’re looking for? Our DEX 3.2 DJ mixing software was recently released with a myriad of new features and core upgrades.  In addition to 64bit support, DirectX 11 support and video mix recording, the search engine has also […]


DJ Software Tips and Tricks – PCDJ DEX 2

PCDJ DEX 2 is our DJ Software that mixes audio, music videos and karaoke.  It's a very robust and featured-packed DJ mixing software designed for the professional DJ that wants to offer the full multimedia experience to their clients and club patrons.   Sometimes thereare features of our flagship DJ software that are lesser known and documented, but […]


DEX 3 DJ Software Quick Tip Video: Resize The GUI (Skin)

Our best DJ mixing software for mixing everything (music, music videos and karaoke) received a major ‘face-lift’ with the DEX 3 upgrade.  Not only are 3 new default skins included on install, but the graphics engine itself allows for dynamic re-sizing of the GUI (no matter which default skin you use). Upon first opening up DEX 3 […]


5 Karaoke Software Tips – PCDJ Karaoki

Karaoke Software is the standard method for professional KJs hosting karaoke shows.   Hardware based karaoke players sales are down, karaoke software sales are way up. The reasons for the shift are pretty obvious.   Karaoke software makes it easier to manage a show with in-depth singer management, singer rotation, singer history and a plethora of other […]