The Bar Clamp Story For DJS - DJ Advice

What Do You Offer That Is Different As A DJ? The Bar Clamp Story (Video)

In the video below, John Young of shares a lesson from his recent trip to the hardware store when he purchased some bar clamps (what in tarnation does this have to do with DJing, you ask?). Surprisingly there are some lessons…
Using iTunes Smart Playlists in DJ Software

Using iTunes Smart Playlists In DJ Software recently posted an article "8 iTunes Smart Playlists You Should Be Using". It's a great series of tips on how to best utilize iTunes Smart Playlists for DJ software. All three DEX 3 products (DEX 3, DEX 3 RE and the…
Beat-Matching During Auto-mix demo video

DJ Software | Beat-Matching During Auto-Mix Demonstration (Video)

Video demonstration of the 'Beat-Matching During Auto-Mix" feature found in DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE. Most DJs are aware of DEX 3's capability to seamlessly transition from track-to-track by engaging 'Auto-Mix' - but a lesser known feature is…
5 Tips from Older DJs for Younger DJs

5 Things Younger DJs Can Learn From Older DJs | From DiscJockeyNews (Video)

"Everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn" In the 'The Rewind Report with Michael Joseph' video below from Michael provides '5 Things Younger DJs Can Learn From Older DJs', and it's well…
Creating an aggregate audio device on MAC

MAC Pro Tip | Creating An Aggregate Audio Device (Group 2 Or More Audio Devices Into One)

Pro Tip For MAC DJ Software Users | This post explains the process of creating an 'Aggregate Device' with the Audio MIDI Setup utility in Mac OS X computers. DJs using a MAC with one of our professional DJ mixing software applications and…
Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription update May 2016

Karaoke Subscription | All Bets Are Off With These New Songs In Karaoke Cloud Pro

Be the purveyor of quality karaoke tunes...  Whether your singers want to let their hair down or get down on the middle of the dance floor, what better way to do it than with high quality karaoke?! Let them grab the mic and belt out…
Crossgrade from Virtual DJ to PCDJ

Special Offer | Upgrade To PCDJ From Other DJ Software

Announcing our new upgrade program | Save on DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE when coming over from a competing DJ Software product. If you're a DJ using Virtual DJ, Serato, Traktor, Pioneer Rekordbox or MixVibes Cross you're now entitled to a crossgrade…
KaraoQuest Mobile Request App Update 1.1.0

Free Mobile Request App For Karaoki | 1.1.0 Update Now Available

KaraoQuest 1.1.0 mobile singer/song request app is now available on the app store.  KaraoQuest is a free (with ads) no-frills iPhone/iPad mobile app that allows karaoke singers to view, search and request songs to sing via local area network…
Trending Music Video Downloads May 2016

Most Popular Music Video Downloads May 2016 @ The Video Pool

Most Popular Music Video Downloads For VDJ's May 2016 At The Video Pool If you're a VDJ ('video mixing DJ'), The Video Pool is the choice music video subscription service for the most popular and mixable music videos. Access and…
DEX 3.6 and DEX 3 LE free DJ software press release

DEX 3 LE, DEX 3 RE and DEX 3.6 Press Release

DJ Software creators Digital 1 Audio launch a totally free DJ software version and revamped lineup of their live performance mixing software. Clearwater, Florida, 5/3/16 Digital 1 Audio, Inc (, creators of popular DJ and…
DEX 3.6 VDJ software public release

VDJ Software | DEX 3.6 Is Ready For Download

The public release of DEX 3.6 VDJ mixing software is now available for download. The latest iteration of our top solution for professional DJs that mix all types of media is ready for download. We popped the hood and tinkered with…