How-to batch unzip karaoke files

DEX 3 Pro Tip | How To Batch-Unzip Karaoke Files

DEX 3 is a capable karaoke software player in addition to being a full-blown audio and video mixing application. While it's not quite as robust for just hosting karaoke compared to our Karaoki product, you have all the required key-features…
Must play 70's music for Djs Banner

Must-Play Songs From The 70's For DJs (Video)

Last night Mobile DJ Brian S Redd and John Young from went over their ‘must play’ and ‘must have’ 70s songs for DJs in a live chat. Many of these songs are likely already included in your music inventory, but…
karaoke software version 0.8.5895

Karaoke Software | New Karaoki Beta 0.8.5895 Is Available For Download

  Here are some of the notable changes in Karaoki Beta 0.8.5895: Search System: As previously noted, this Karaoki beta build has a new 'search system': When you initially launch this new build of Karaoki the software will…
Klite Codec Pack Mega Cover Image

Having Trouble With Video Playback In Karaoki? This Codec Pack Should Help.

In most instances Windows-based computers already come equipped with the video codecs required for Karaoki to play MP4 karaoke video files, but rarely for other video file formats and/or video containers. Third-party media software can also overwrite…
Screen Beat 2 For Karaoke

KJ Tips | Look! Over there! Is that a Wireless Singers Screen?

This post was submitted by Guest Blogger and PCDJ customer Robb Ellicson from Spinn Doctors Entertainment And Events located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  few months ago my company acquired a new show at a bar that had recently opened. It…
Reloop RMP-4 cover image

DJ Controllers | Reloop RMP-4 Hybrid Media Player Review (Video)

"If you're a mobile DJ and you want a pro-feeling system you want to take on the road with you. If you were used to DJing back in the in the vinyl or CD days and that's all you used to use and you want to get back into again, it's going to feel…
Karaoke Cloud Pro valentines releases

Pro Karaoke Subscription | Sing Your Heart Out This Week With Karaoke Cloud Pro

Karaoke Cloud Pro guarantees your singers won't be lonely this Valentine's Day! Let them belt out these karaoke hits at the top of their lungs, because you never know when a beautiful stranger may be listening. These country hits are now…
New PCDJ User Forum Launched

User Community | New PCDJ Forum Now Online

Today we launched new user forums and  DJ and Karaoke product support forums for the PCDJ community. With the popularity of social networks and their ever-growing integration into our daily activities, most DJ related message forums…
Most popular music video downloads february 2016

Music Videos | Trending Now At The Video Pool

Music Video Downloads Trending This February 2016 At  Whether your a mobile DJ mixing music videos at a wedding reception or a club jock creating on-the-fly video mashups with DEX 3 in the club, The Video Pool has the…
DEX and RED Mobile 3.5.7 upgrade banner

DJ Software | Update 3.5.7 For DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 Is Available For Download

Download update 3.5.7 for DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 DJ mixing software applications.  Fresh out of the bat-cave: version 3.5.7 has just been made available for both DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3. Included in 3.5.7 is an updated Pulselocker SDK,…
New Karaoke Software Features Found in Version 0.8.5872

Karaoke Software | New Features Added To Karaoki Version 0.8.5872 (And Up)

Karaoki has received a steady stream of free updates since the first iteration dropped late 2007. Many times, updates consist of small tweaks to existing features or merely maintenance releases to ensure rock-solid stability. We've…
KCP Karaoke Subscription February 1st 2016

Karaoke Subscription | Set The Controls To "Thrilling" This Week In Karaoke Cloud Pro

It's an inescapably reality - Karaoke Cloud Pro has the most powerful hits in creation! From the heavy cruisers of pop and country to the dreadnoughts of hip hop and rock, Karaoke Cloud Pro brings the heaviest weapons of fun to bear on…