10 Things That Annoy Club DJs

If you’re a club DJ, I’m sure you’ll concur.

Irkitated has put a list together of the Top 10 things that annoy club DJs If you’re trying to stay on the club DJs good side, read on.   If you’re a club DJ, think about printing this list on some flyers to hand out when you feel necessary.

Here are some highlights:

Don’t tell a DJ how to do his job: If he or she is Djing in a club they’re clearly a professional with some level of skill bred from practice and experience.  Telling the DJ that a song will “make everyone dance!” won’t encourage him/her to change up their set to plug in a tune just for you that most likely has no business being played, and will unequivocally ensure you’ll be labeled as a dingus hence-forth.  Requests for your favorite pot-tart-tune that will “get you laid”, or anything by “Skrillex, Man!” are also likely to be met with extreme prejudice.

If you think you’re making a new BFF when you pop a cocktail down next to him/her in the DJ booth and strike up a conversation mid-set.  Nope. You’ve just turned a key component of ensuring an enjoyable night at the club into an enemy.

Of course, being a shiny shirt douche-cadet is also way not cool.  You’ll ruin other party-goers time in addition to the DJs.  It’s a gig, but it’s supposed to be fun too. DJing well requires focus, don’t shift the attention to you and subsequently staff security.  To check out the full list of the top 10 Things That Annoy DJs, visit Irkitated to learn up.