Creating a “Wow” Factor for Your Trivia Night

Trivia Party Night Tips

“Hints and tips on creating the wow factor of your trivia night to ensure your customers feel encouraged to play and impressed” – Authored by Digigames

Happy Friday and a warm welcome back to the blog. I hope you found yesterday’s ideas on Social Media bookings useful and I have much more to say on the subject so stay tuned for future updates on attracting more business via social media!

Today we are going to look at a different kind of situation altogether and that is the need to create the wow factor at your event. I have said on this very blog time and time again that perhaps the biggest challenge you face as a trivia host is the competition of other rivals and the fact that there are many many trivia hosts but not as many venues to have everyone working as much as they would like. So to ensure that you are not the one to miss out and that you are the one who gets all the bookings what you need to do is make sure your night stands out and what you are aiming for is that “Wow” factor.

Why create the wow factor?

At the end of the day, the presentation of the quiz is all important. If you are using little scraps of paper, tired old pens, torn answer sheets and a dodgy microphone then it doesn’t say a great deal about you! You need something that’s inviting, exciting and makes people want to play. It will help impress the managers of the venue, help get you bookings and make your customers come back

Plus, if you are thinking of ways to attract new players, then people who maybe enjoy the fun element more than the content of the trivia being asked will be much more drawn towards something with flashy lights and banners. It also makes people aware from outside that the bar is hosting trivia and makes for great YouTube videos and social media pictures..

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