Win A Free 10 Week Pulselocker Pro Subscription

Win A Pulselocker Streaming Subscription

Pulselocker is giving away two free ten-week Pulselocker (Pro Tier: Streaming + Unlimited Downloads for offline use). 

To get involved in the contest Pulselocker is asking DJs to post a picture, video or gif of yourself DJing with Pulselocker (using the free trial or existing subscription) in the studio, in the club, at a mobile event or at home. Post your picture, video or gif on the Pulselocker Facebook Page or tag @pulselocker on Instagram to be automatically entered to win.

Now’s your chance to get a free 10 week pro-tier Pulselocker subscription to use in DEX 3, DEX 3 RE or DEX 3 LE (free DJ software). Gain in-app access to a catalog of over 44 million songs in all genres from major and independent labels.  Stream while online or save unlimited tracks to your hard drive for offline use (you only need to connect once every 30 days to verify subscription status).

The DJ-focused streaming music service is smooth and reliable for professional use, and Pulselocker is the only fully legal, DJ focused service of this type, with one killer feature: Offline files. Pulselocker’s website features music discovery tools, the ability to create playlists and save for offline use, and the ability to follow your favorite artists and genres.  It’s the end-to-end music service for all types of DJs.

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