Pulselocker Is Officially “Beta” – Here’s Why…

Pulselocker Streaming Beta

The launch of DEX 3.5 and RED Mobile 3.5 with Pulselocker streaming support has created a lot of buzz here at PCDJ HQ.

The comments and questions are rolling in as more of our DJ software users sign up for the free 14 day trial of Pulselocker. Some DJs have noted a few niggles that could improve the service — and that’s well and true — but believe me when I say the Pulselocker team is on top of it, working diligently to provide a polished solution all DJs will be thrilled to perform with.

While our DEX 3.5 and RED Mobile 3.5 mixing software platforms are now official upgrades, Pulselocker is still considered BETA for various reasons we’ll explain in detail below. Beta doesn’t mean it’s not functional, in fact the technology is truly stunning — there’s just a few upgrades and features still in the works, as well as more music to be ingested.

Here’s Why Pulselocker Is Beta, Right Now

  • As site is still in beta and Pulselocker is currently ingesting new content everyday, this is the reason why you will see releases without songs, some releases that don’t play,etc…
  • Universal Music content is not available yet so you likely won’t search and locate many of the dominant mainstream artists on the system. Pulselocker expects to start ingestion of the Universal Music catalog in a couple weeks. The content will definitely be ready to go by the beginning of the year.
  • The site is not as snappy as Pulselocker would like but are releasing a new update in about 10 days that will substantially impact speed performance.
  • ‘Search’ is still being polished and Pulselocker expects to have much better search engine by the beginning of the year.
  • There are notable inconsistencies related to artists and labels. This is due to the metadata Pulselocker received from the distribution companies. They are actively working on it but it is going to take a minimum of 11 weeks to sort out.
  • BPM, Key and Waveform data are not live yet. Pulselocker is going to process the entire catalog to “extract” that info. That metadata will be available at some point during first quarter of 2016. (our DJ software will calculate waveform and BPM data directly, at this time)

So there you have it. You’ve got an excellent performing Pulselocker beta platform now that’s still growing and evolving.

Click here to see how Pulselocker works in PCDJ DEX 3