What Type Of DJ Do You Consider Yourself? (Survey)

We want to know what you consider yourself – Mobile DJ? Club DJ? Both? Bedroom DJ? Please take our anonymous survey below to help us better serve you!


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Today, the line between “Mobile DJ” (AKA Wedding DJ) and “Club DJ” is blurred.

Advancements in DJ software and DJ controller technology over the last decade has made (not without controversy) mastering some of the basic DJ techniques less of a necessity – such as “BPM SYNC” vs manual beat-mixing.

While many Mobile DJs started in the club and have already honed their mixing skill-set, becoming master selectors of music with the ability to mix beats and take their listeners on journey — many others focus more on client interaction, MC skills and simply blend ins and outs in radio style fashion. The more advanced DJ skills, boarding musician-like ability simply aren’t needed, at least that’s how it’s been in years past.

As the younger generation, whom have grown up idolizing DJs like previous generations longed to be Rock Stars, become the target client for proms, weddings and other events the expectations of how the DJ should perform is changing. They expect their wedding DJ to creating mashups on-the-fly and otherwise create a music experience just like that DJ they have a poster of on their bedroom wall. Simply blending a per-selected playlist of music isn’t what they’re booking you for.

The distinction of DJ skills between Club DJs and Mobile DJs are likely clear to most DJs themselves, but the clients and patrons are already blurring the line.

We’re curious what you call yourself: What type of DJ do you think you are?  Big thanks to anyone in advance that fills out the poll above. If you have further comments on the ‘Mobile DJ vs Club DJ’ debate please feel welcomed to comment in the comments section below!


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  1. PA Elmquist
    PA Elmquist says:

    Hi there!
    I used to be a club-DJ but now I’m trying to set up my own webradio. So the software I’m interested in is something that I can use when I’m the air.

    Take care!

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks! DEX 3 (full version) does have Icecast support for internet radio broadcasting. You can try this in the demo, providing the internet radio service you use supports Icecast.

  2. Dj tut
    Dj tut says:

    Hi, I’ve entertained all my life starting off in bands as a keyboard singer and then into mobile karaoke/disco/singer Dj . I started off using pcdj red which I found great to use and kept on updating my pcdj programs when they came , I found that other mobile Dj would not use pcdj as they found it difficult or hard to use. WHY was the question I asked them and continued saying you must be mad pcdj is an awesome bit of program kit and I love it, well in the end I used to say that they ain’t got a clue what they are missing not using pcdj and using programs other than pcdj are nothing compared to pcdj. Anyway I would like to say to you pcdj you are mint despise what the rest are saying I found that your program is a lot easier and better than any others and thanks for being a great program to use thru out my life. It’s been great using you and keep up the great proformance

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks for the kind words and history, DJ tut! I believe many DJs simply haven’t tried the latest DJ software iterations, and the software come a very long way over the last couple of years after launching the new core platform DEX 3 is built on.

      The updated interface and new browser system should be plenty easy for any DJ to navigate intuitively. Admittedly, the previous generation of mixing software products simply weren’t what we originally envisioned, prompting the re-write. The new platform is much more robust and scale-able, and is designed for newer machines. We have one ‘code’ to deploy to any OS, which means you’ll soon see new iOS and Android versions.

      We also throw in free updates for life, and the best customer service available in our market 😉

      Thanks again!

  3. Terry Box
    Terry Box says:

    I used to be both Club & Mobile DJ back in the 1970s right up to the 1990s

    Started off plying at Hospital Radio then graduated to Mobile DJing then to Club followed by several residencies.

    Nowadays I have returned back to my DJ roots as a Radio DJ being involved with two Internet Radio Stations. I used to do pre-recorded programmes now I am going live & enjoying every minute of it

  4. Dee
    Dee says:

    Can anyone tell me what would work best for my shows? I’m very low key…currently have used PCDJ Standalone Karaoke but quite an old version. I maybe do 10 dj/karaoke shows a year and the rest is just for fun in the garage with family and friends. I do not have patience to deal with lots of technical items so like it clean and simple. Suggestions??? I used winamp for the dj side but now that is no longer available and the one I have isn’t working anymore. Thanks for any tips!

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Dee, if you need a simple DJ mixing software application I would check out our free DEX 3 LE edition – plenty powerful and a much better DJ software solution than Winamp. Get it HERE

      The free version doesn’t do any karaoke however, so if you need basic karaoke support I would look at the step up – DEX 3 RE. Learn more and download the free trial HERE.

  5. Nigatu Kassa
    Nigatu Kassa says:

    What type of dj controller works with DEX 3? I have Numark NV and I wouldn’t be able to access the Dex3 software with it?

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Nigatu,

      DEX 3 supports over 80 DJ Controllers – you can view the supported DJ controller list for DEX 3 HERE.

      The Numark NV was created in tandem with Serato, so it’s a Serato exclusive. Numark can’t open it up (provide mapping documentation) to other DJ Software. Reverse engineering it may be possible, but not at this time.

  6. DJ Mark Saplicki
    DJ Mark Saplicki says:

    Regardless of the type of DJ you are, if you want an easy to use DJ program that allows for your level of functionality, you want PCDJ. Also Ryan Sherr and his team provide great support!

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks Mark! We’re appreciating all the love and support over here. Loads of votes/feedback so far, too. Tremendous support from the community!

  7. Maestro Productions
    Maestro Productions says:

    I started my DJ training in the U.S Army in 1972, completed that in 1973. Started pre-recordings with commercials for my GI buddies. I played the days popular music intertwined with commercials about Pepsi, Coke, The Gap Jeans, McDonald’s, etc. In 1977 I performed my first live performance at an Army service club in Missouri. I’m still DJing today and feel that the DJ industry is very different from my startup in the early 70’s although cueing up music thru PCDJ Dex 3 is awesome and allows me to cue up the next song in as little as 3 seconds. I thoroughly enjoy using the 4 CD set-up and enjoy completely the update series on YouTube. Awesome job PCDJ keep up the good work. 43 years and still going strong. Strange note: I never had any lighting until 1992. From 1973 to 1992 = 19 years. Now I’ve got 6 different pieces plus a fogger.

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