Attention KJs and Karaoke Venues | Watch The KaraoQ Live Stream Q&A Recording

Are you interested in learning more about karaoQ and how it benefits the karaoke venue, the KJ and patrons? Check out the video below!

KaraoQ on iPhone App

karaoQ is a mobile app that is revolutionizing the karaoke industry on a global scale by changing the ways patrons, performers, and venues connect, engage and interact – allowing the experience to become the focus, and leveraging technology to control the singer queue – creating a truly social music experience.

Karaoki, PCDJ’s leading professional karaoke software, will soon have integrated in-app support for KaraoQ, enabling both the mobile app and Karaoki to work as a perfect duet. Singer/song requests are sent directly into the singer rotation list and karaoQ app users can view their place in rotation and even pay for a bump or tip the DJ.

Those features are the bare basics — karaoQ co-founder Michael Amburgey delves into the additional benefits of the robust marketing and point of sale capabilities of the karaoQ platform.

Ryan Sherr (yours truly) will also make a quick introduction for the upcoming karaoQ360 platform; an all-inclusive subscription service that combines Karaoki with karaoQ and Karaoke Cloud Pro — the professional karaoke music subscription service provided by Digitrax Entertainment.

We’ve posted KaraoQ’s live stream Q&A below for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to post any and all questions in the comments section at the bottom of this page and we will respond to them as quickly as possible!

karaoQ Live Stream Q&A (Recorded on August 18th 2016)