Visikord Upgrades And Stunning Live Interactive Visuals For Halloween

Visikord is a software and hardware (Xbox Kinect — Xbox not needed) interactive visualization solution that adds an a fun visual experience to any DJ gig.  We brought you the Visikord package information along with our exclusive discount last month.

The DJ community has taken notice of how Visikord can work for them, and supply a unique up-sell opportunity to Mobile DJ packages.  We invite you to take a look at some user pictures and read a Visikord review at OurDJTalk, courtesy of a new Visikord user (and a longtime mobile DJ) Rick Ryan.

Visikord, Halloween Style

We failed to touch on this great Visikord feature in our previous article, but DJs can customize the image backgrounds by uploading their own Jpeg images to the Visikord media folder.  Visikord doesn’t include any “Scary” or Halloween themed images with the package ensuring it’s “appropriate for all audiences”, but upload your own and Visikord becomes a hit at any Halloween themed gig.  Check out the video:

Interactive Halloween fun with Visikord from Visikord on Vimeo.

If your dancers use props like the sword in the video, make sure they’re careful with it (or give them a foam sword/stick instead), and check off the “Swords and Sticks” option in the Main ->Basic settings panel. This will switch to a different tip detection algorithm (one that makes the tip of the sword glow like Frodo’s Sting in the presence of evil).

UPDATE: When DJs Star On Screen

For situations when you want  to show on screen persons who are doing something else (DJs, gogo dancers), and still ensure a good visualization show for party-goers, Visikord has introduced several new features:

  • Support for multiple Kinects — up to 4 can be plugged into your USB ports, and you select which one’s input will be shown on the screen. So you can have one pointing at the audience, and one at yourself, and every 15-20 minutes switch which one is active, live.
  • Zoom Pulse on beat — an intense animation of the person in the view, with control how strong the zoom pulsing will be.
  • Mystery blend — shows dancers less clearly outlined and more fused with the graphics behind them. Recommended to combine with the Hard Cuts and/or Zoom Pulsing.

The DJ in the photo above uses the “Kinect Zoom” add-on (a $8 accessory on Amazon and in BestBuy) which is a fish-eye lens clip for Kinect so he can be very close to the Kinect and still be fully in the picture:


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Video Showcase

Clubs and Dancers:

Kids Entertainment:

Hardware Requirements:

  • Microsoft Kinect standalone for XBox,  (new or used)

o    You need only the camera, which plugs into the PC’s USB port. XBox is not needed.

o    If Kinect that has no power supply (came bundled with XBox 360 and has an orange connector instead of USB), you will need this adapter.

  • Laptop or PC with Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Dual-core CPU (Intel core i3 3rd gen. or equivalent recommended for Business Upgrade features)
    • Integrated Intel HD4000 GPU or better for 720p graphics
  • Any projector or TV



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