Not Just A Streaming Service! Take Music And Playlists Offline With Pulselocker

Store Playlists Offline With Pulselocker

We’ve had so many inquiries and replies that we felt it was time to set the record straight – Pulselocker is NOT just for online streaming. 

“I would never trust streaming music while DJing in a club! What happens if internet goes out mid set with a packed dancefloor?!?”

Pulselocker in DEX 3 RE

That’s not a direct quote, I’m paraphrasing what been said countless times on social media and DJ forums.

Yes, you can access and stream all 44 million songs in all versions of our DJ software while online (streaming only is $9.99-a-month) – which has it’s merits, especially for DJs that take requests. Log in to the service and use the search box below the Pulselocker section in our DJ software to search the entire Pulselocker massive library.  Results are displayed in an instant.

However, one of the greatest and most unique features of the Pulselocker platform is the ability to create and save entire playlists of music for offline use. You’re only limited by the size of your hard drive (online/offline support is $19.99-a-month).

Create your playlists on (as depicted in the short video below) and use the ‘hard drive toggle button’ to save for offline use. With DEX 3 open and logged in, the software will automatically check for changes made on the Pulselocker site (while connected, DEX 3 will automatically check for changes every 3 minutes) and download both your created playlists and the music within them.

Once playlists and tracks have been retrieved you can disconnect. You never actually “log out” of Pulselocker as a subscriber, as even when offline you’re logging in ‘locally’.  Take your DJ computer to your gig and mix files offline just like your owned tracks.

No. Internet. Required.