Why You Should Use A Dedicated Graphics Card For Music Video Mixing

When mixing music videos with DJ software like DEX 3 you're better off with a DJ computer (Mac or Windows) equipped with a dedicated graphics card versus shared graphics. The latest Intel HD 4000 series (and up) shared graphics cards…

Video formats for DJs Explained

A few days ago we posted about audio formats for DJs that DEX 3 and RED Mobile 2 currently support, today we'll do a quick roundup of the various video formats supported in DEX 3 -- our DJ and VJ software that allows DJs to mix all types of…

Optimize Your DJ Computer for Video Mixing

With the recent release of DJ/VJ software PCDJ DEX 3, and the improved video mixing capabilities, we figured an update to our "optimizing your computer for DJ software" was in order. As many DJs have already found out, adding music video…

The Video Pool Gets Upgraded - Getting The Hottest Music Videos Has Never Been Easier

We have made it our mission to supply our DJ, KJ and VJ customers with the best commercial audio, music video and karaoke content available.   We promote the iDJPool for the latest DJ music, Karaoke Cloud Pro for an excellent core library…

DJs Best Source for Music Videos and VJ Tools

PCDJ has created some of the best video mixing software solutions for professional DJs and VJs for the last 7 years.   Our current flagship DJ mixing software solution, PCDJ DEX 2 also mixes music videos just like regular…

The Face Of DEX: Why The GUI Is So Important

Does PCDJ DEX 2 need a face lift?   GUI's are paramount to the success of any software product, but even more so when the software in question is for live DJing. DJ Software doesn't necessarily need to look "pretty", but the layout and…

Mixing Music Videos With DEX 2.5 Just Got A Whole Lot Better

DEX 2.5 is here, and it's our most complete video mixing software ( VJ ) for seamlessly mixing music videos mashups to date.    PCDJ DEX 2 has been our flagship DJ software application for the last 2 years.  DEX 2 is essentially…