Why should you DJ with PCDJ DEX 3?

Why DJ With DEX 3?

No question, there are DJ software options galore, for all types of DJs - but why DJ with DEX 3? As a DJ you have to stick out from the crowd in order to create a name for yourself.  You have to get noticed. If you don't, you're just an 'also-ran'…
DEX 3 Show logo On Screen

DEX 3 Pro Tip | Using Image Overlay To Show Your Logo On The Mixed Video Output (Video)

If you haven't checked out (you should!) DEX 3.7 with the new text, image and video overlay features you can grab the download HERE With the new found ability to display images on screen and adjust position, size and opacity DJs can show…
Download DEX 3 Video Mixing Software Public Beta 3.7.0

DJ Software | Download DEX 3.7 Public Beta With Text, Image And Video Overlay

DEX 3.7.0 public beta is ready to download for both Mac and Windows and includes new text, image and video overlay capabilities. Adding to DEX 3's innovative set of video mixing tools is the brand-spanking-new Text, Image and Video Overlay…
Text To Screen And Overlays With DEX 3

DJ Software | Next Feature Coming To DEX 3 (Teaser)

Can you make out what's coming to the next DEX 3 update in the image above?  I'd rather appease than tease as the screen capture above should make pretty clear. Obvious maybe, but it's all in the options. Overlay away -- on the way... DEX…
Video Link Feature in DEX 3.6 DJ and Video Mixing Software

Video Demonstration Of The New 'Video Link' Feature Found in DEX 3.6

DEX 3.6 (BETA) was published for public beta last week and introduced a new 'Video Link' Feature. We demonstrate how this feature can be utilized during video mix sets in the video demonstration below. VDJ's mixing music videos with DEX 3…

Music Video Downloads | New This June In The Video Pool

Video Mixing DJs are more popular than ever, permeating clubs and leaving their multimedia mark at mobile events. Clients and party-goers today want more than a cookie-cutter performance from their DJ.  Adding VJ services to your mobile…

Download Music Videos | New This May In The Video Pool

If you're a video mixing DEX 3 user seeking to download new and archived music videos in all genre's our partners at offer the perfect platform solution. provides HD music video downloads for current…

Why You Should Use A Dedicated Graphics Card For Music Video Mixing

When mixing music videos with DJ software like DEX 3 you're better off with a DJ computer (Mac or Windows) equipped with a dedicated graphics card versus shared graphics. The latest Intel HD 4000 series (and up) shared graphics cards…

72 Hour Offer: Save 15% On Music Video Downloads

If you aren't already incorporating music video mixing into your DJ sets with DEX 3, or if you just need to download the latest and hottest music videos and video remixes -- now's your chance to do so for the deepest discount…

Recording Your Video Mix With PCDJ DEX 3.2 (and above)

Our flagship DJ mixing software, PCDJ DEX 3, just received a few new features and updates last week with the launch of the 3.2 version. The most notable changes are true 64bit Windows Support (Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1), support for Direct…

Video formats for DJs Explained

A few days ago we posted about audio formats for DJs that DEX 3 and RED Mobile 2 currently support, today we'll do a quick roundup of the various video formats supported in DEX 3 -- our DJ and VJ software that allows DJs to mix all types of…

Optimize Your DJ Computer for Video Mixing

With the recent release of DJ/VJ software PCDJ DEX 3, and the improved video mixing capabilities, we figured an update to our "optimizing your computer for DJ software" was in order. As many DJs have already found out, adding music video…