APE Labs Review

Why is Everyone Talking About Ape Labs Lighting? An Overview and Review Of the German-Made Lighting

Disc jockeys and lighting professionals around the USA keep talking about Ape Labs and some are asking why. The answer is simply because there’s a lot to talk about. We recently received a demonstration of the products from KPODJ, a…

Disc Jockey News Recaps This Years Mobile Beat DJ Show

This years Mobile Beat Show just concluded in Las Vegas and lighting was the star of the show. Uplighting, more traditional moving heads and lighting display pieces such as the Volanti Cube took center stage -- providing mobile DJs with…

Video: Choosing The Right Uplighting

Some weeks back we posted about getting started with uplighting, which when done properly can dynamically change any event space into a visually stunning environment that will wow your client.  Mobile DJs everywhere are adding uplighting packages…

DJ Tips: Getting Started With UpLighting With Brian S Redd

UpLighting is all the craze in the Mobile DJ space these days. UpLighting can transform almost any boring venue into a gorgeously colorful and unique space. When expertly coordinated you'll leave your client and attendees awestruck.  You…