Trivia Party Night Tips

Creating a “Wow” Factor for Your Trivia Night

Today we are going to look at a different kind of situation altogether and that is the need to create the wow factor at your event. I have said on this very blog time and time again that perhaps the biggest challenge you face as…

DJ Tips | How To Book More Trivia Shows

Adding a Trivia Party package to your Mobile DJ services is a fun and interactive method to booking unique gigs and increasing your bottom line. PCDJ offers the TM-120 package from Digigames, the perfect starter kit for any mobile…

Trivia Party Package | New "Light Up" Buzzers Now Included

Across the globe mobile entertainers strive for the latest and newest methods for increasing the value of their shows. Better value means more bookings and more bookings equals more revenue. Many DJs and entertainers have found some…

Trivia Party Suite and Buzzers: A Unique Mobile DJ Upsell Opportunity

The Trivia Party Software Suite and Buzzers from Digigames offer a great upsell package opportunity for Mobile DJs. If you want to be a top Mobile DJ in your market, you're going to have to set yourself apart from the competition.  Every DJ has…

Why PCDJ Offers Digigames Trivia Software and Lock-Out Buzzers

While PCDJ has been in the business of creating live-performance DJ software and karaoke software for 15 years, the cornerstone of our business, we always keep an eye out for other tools Mobile DJs can use to build their business and generate…
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Trivia Party Software: Increase Your Entertainment Profile and Your Revenue

The Business of Trivia by Rob Johnson, of Digigames Across the nation and around the world, most entertainers strive for the latest and greatest methods for increasing the value of their shows. Better value means more bookings. More bookings…