Tip the Karaoke Host with SongbookDB

SongBookDB Feature Spotlight | Tip The Karaoke Host

Karaoki with SongbookDB form a perfect duet of karaoke player and remote singer/song requests. One of the latest and KJ-pleasing features added to the SongbookDB remote song request system is the ability for singers to "Tip the DJ" from…
online song book songbookdb update 1.5.6

SongbookDB Singer App Update Now Available For iOS and Android

The SongbookDB singer app, used to browse, search and request songs, has been updated to version 1.5.6. The free maintenance update is available for both Android and iOS. Here's what's new and improved: Set up auto-pagination, so when…
SongbookDB Remote Phone Requests

Explaining The Benefits Of Using SongbookDB To Your Singers

SongbookDB is a remote song/singer request platform that works with our karaoke show hosting software, Karaoki. Singers browse and search your online karaoke song book from their own phone and submit requests that pop-up in Karaoki directly.…
SongbookDB Updated November 2015

SongbookDB Feature Update Overview

SongbookDB is a robust remote request system with a plethora of bonus features. A free update has been posted with a couple additional options. SongbookDB allows your singers to view your song book right from their own phone and make…

Karaoke System For A Bar | The Software Essentials

A karaoke bar fosters a unique and profitable culture. There is of course singing, which lends itself favorably to more drinking which progresses to camaraderie. All good things if you're trying to create an atmosphere that attracts customers…

SongbookDB Remote Song Request | Kiosk Mode

If you want to receive remote song requests from singers in Karaoki via the internet, directly from your singers phone's, SongbookDB is the ideal solution. Our Karaoki development team worked with SongbookDB for some time to create…

SongBookDB Online Song Book System | Pro Tip For DJs

Shaun Thomson of shared with PCDJ this pro tip for KJs that also DJ during their gigs. SongbookDB is an online song book remote request system, and we've integrated the platform via a plug-in for our karaoke software that…

Feature Spotlight: SongBookDB "Shout Out" Feature

We launched our karaoke software (Karaoki) integration with SongBookDB a few weeks ago, a remote singer/song request platform that allows KJs to ditch printed karaoke song books in favor of an online solution. The benefits are clear;…

This SongbookDB User Created A Great Singer Tutorial Video

SongBookDB is a robust online remote song request system for pro KJs, and it's now plugged-in to PCDJ Karaoki.    The concept is simple: You upload your exported karaoke song list from Karaoki (export as TSV feature) online to SongBookDB,…

SongBookDB: Remote Song Request System Video Guide

Go green and ditch the archaic printed karaoke song books for an all-digital solution with SongbookDB and Karaoki. Our recently formed partnership with SongbookDB, and subsequent SongbookDB plug-in spawn, allows Karaoki karaoke software…

User Testimonial: Using DEX 3 and SongbookDB

Xavier "The X-man" Gomez of New Vision Entertainment Services out of Newnan Georgia is a huge fan of our DEX 3 DJ mixing software and SongbookDB. Xavier recently upgraded to our best DJ software for mixing all media types, DEX 3, and subscribed…

PCDJ Karaoki And SongBookDB Remote Request System Partnership Announced

Leading Karaoke Software creators Digital 1 Audio launch a new version of PCDJ Karaoki with SongbookDB integration, a web-based subscription platform that enables remote song requests from karaoke singer’s phones and a myriad of bonus features…