DEX 3 White Out Skin For DJ Mixing Software

Download The 'White Out' Skin For All Versions Of DEX 3

Download the user submitted 'White Out' skin for DEX 3, DEX 3 RE and DEX 3 LE DJ mixing software. We're entrenched in the dog days of summer. It's hotter than an American setting a thermostat in Europe and often very bright outside. Those…
Download CUE HUE Skin for DJ Software

Download The CUE HUE Skin For All Versions Of DEX 3

Often a little tweak to an existing design can made a big difference. We believe that's the case for the recently submitted CUE HUE Skin, a 2-deck (with tablet mode) color-modified version of the DEX 3 RE default GUI. Instead of usual grey…
Editing Waveform colors in DJ software
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DEX 3 Pro Tip | Editing Waveform Colors

So you're not a fan of the default DEX 3 waveform default colors?  No worries, you can pop the hood yourself and customize each independent deck waveform color. DEX 3.5's skin is remarkably versatile, with various modes including 2-decks,…

New 'Tablet Mode' Available In DEX 3 RE

IMPORTANT NOTE: RED Mobile 3 is now named DEX 3 RE (Red Edition) RED Mobile 3.5, a free upgrade for RED Mobile 3 customers, will be (UPDATE: RED Mobile 3.5 is now available HERE) available for download later this week and among other new…

First Look | RED Mobile 3.5 Skin Preview

An upgrade to the RED Mobile 3 DJ mixing software platform is due out this November and among various other added features, it will include a new graphical user interface (skin).  As with all updates the RED Mobile 3.5 update will be free…

Sneak Peek Of The Upcoming DEX 3.5 Skin

It's bone throwing time again!  A sneak peek of the DEX 3.5 skin. Our UI design team has been wearing out their mice working on a new DJ and VJ software DEX 3 default skin that will be available in DEX 3.5, only a month or so from now. We…

DJ Software Skins | SB2 DEX 3 Skin Has A Red 5.2 Throwback Feel

Download The SB2 DEX 3 DJ Software Skin It all started in 1998 with the Digital 1200sl; PCDJ's first dual-deck mp3 DJ software with pre-fade listening - a major accomplishment for the time.   The successor to the Digital 1200sl was PCDJ RED…

New DEX 3 Skin Portal | Download Skins

DEX 3's graphical user interface (skin) can be completely modified, only limited by the person designing the skins imagination.  With the free PCDJ Skin Designer software you can create and map a DEX 3 skin from scratch, re-configuring…

DJ Software Skins | Turn DEX 3 Into Touch Screen DJ Software With This Skin

Download this skin to turn DEX 3 into touch screen DJ mixing software. Tablets and touch screen supported laptops are plentiful and popular today, and will likely be an industry-wide standard for Digital DJs sooner rather than later.…

Star Trek Themed Skin Shows You The Power Of PCDJ Skin Designer

"Things are only impossible until they're not." -- JEAN-LUC PICARD This freshly submitted user-created skin for DEX 3 is for all the DJ nerds and geeks out there! Harry Thomas of HMT3 Designs has boldly gone where no DJ software skin…

DJ Software Skins | Download New "SB" 16:9 DEX 3 Skin

DEX 3 users are starting to get the hang of using our free DJ software skin designer software -- skin submissions are trickling in weekly. This new "SB" DEX 3 skin submitted by Harry Thomas of HTM3 Designs comes in day and nighttime varieties…

Download New DEX 3 Skin With Full Width Waveforms

You should download this new DEX 3 skin submitted by our boy DJ Vargas if you love BIG beautiful waveform's and use a DJ controller -- it's wave-tastic. The new 2-deck skin is one of our favorite user submitted skins for DEX 3 so…