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Live Stream Q&A | See How KaraoQ Can Keep Your Patrons And Singers Coming Back And Staying Longer

Attention Karaoke DJs and Karaoke Venue Owners! (2pm-3:30PM CST August 18 Live-Stream)   We are only 48 hours away (2pm-to-3:30PM CST August 18th) from the karaoQ Live-Stream Q&A! During the event, the karaoQ team will give…

SongbookDB Remote Song Request | Kiosk Mode

If you want to receive remote song requests from singers in Karaoki via the internet, directly from your singers phone's, SongbookDB is the ideal solution. Our Karaoki development team worked with SongbookDB for some time to create…

PCDJ Karaoki And SongBookDB Remote Request System Partnership Announced

Leading Karaoke Software creators Digital 1 Audio launch a new version of PCDJ Karaoki with SongbookDB integration, a web-based subscription platform that enables remote song requests from karaoke singer’s phones and a myriad of bonus features…

Karaoki Beta Test Launched with SongBookDB Integration

It's karaoke software beta test time, now with direct in-application integration of SongbookDB's internet based remote request plugin. Last week we posted about how the SongbookDB integration in Karaoki will work, now we call on KJs to…

Songbook Remote Request Beta Test Kicked Off For PCDJ Karaoki

One of the most highly request features for our karaoke show hosting software PCDJ Karaoki is the ability to upload songbooks so singers can view and make requests via their internet enabled phones. We've explored many options to accomplish…