Pulselocker iOS App Announced

Keeping A Pulse On Pulselocker | iOS App Announced For Fall Launch

This fall you will be able to access your Pulselocker account, build playlists and listen to music on the go with your iPhone or iPad. Pulselocker, the 'Spotify for DJs' music subscription service that provide subscribers 'in-DJ software'…
Download Free DJ software and use with Pulselocker
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Starting A Pulselocker Free Trial From Our Free DJ Software

DEX 3 LE is entirely, totally and completely Free DJ Software designed for the masses. Download DEX 3 LE and use it to mix your own music library, iTunes or subscribe to Pulselocker -- the in-app music subscription that provides access to over…
Store Playlists Offline With Pulselocker

Not Just A Streaming Service! Take Music And Playlists Offline With Pulselocker

We've had so many inquiries and replies that we felt it was time to set the record straight - Pulselocker is NOT just for online streaming.  "I would never trust streaming music while DJing in a club! What happens if internet goes out mid…
Music Discovery At Pulselocker

Pulselocker Has Revamped The Way You Discover Music On Their Website

Last week we posted an article about a recent update to the Beat Selector music discovery tool at We can now toss that post out the window as Pulselocker has revamped how you discover new music on the website. No longer…
Beat Selector Music Discovery Tool

Keeping A Pulse On Pulselocker | Beat Selector Update Allows You To Filter Multiple Genres

We introduced initial Pulselocker support in our DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE DJ programs in October of last year knowing it would be a massively popular in-app music service for DJs. That has, not surprisingly, proven to be the case with a large…
Splyce With Pulselocker Playlists

Listen To Your Pulselocker Playlists On-The-Go With Splyce

Use your Pulselocker subscription in Splyce so you can listen to your playlists on-the-go Last week we posted an article explaining how you can use the Splyce app with your existing Pulselocker subscription to create playlists while out and…
Splyce iOS DJ App

Use Your Pulselocker Subscription With Splyce iOS App

DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE users that subscribe to a Pulselocker streaming only or pro-tier online/offline subscription can use the service via any supported product -- including Splyce, an auto-mix iOS app that aims to help you experience the "magic…
Win A Pulselocker Streaming Subscription

Win A Free 10 Week Pulselocker Pro Subscription

Pulselocker is giving away two free ten-week Pulselocker (Pro Tier: Streaming + Unlimited Downloads for offline use).  To get involved in the contest Pulselocker is asking DJs to post a picture, video or gif of yourself DJing with Pulselocker…
Pulselocker Beat Selector Music Discovery Tool
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Pulselocker Feature Spotlight | Beat Selector

Pulselocker's 'Beat Selector' website tool allows you listen to and discover new releases from the music genres you follow. Pulselocker is a new online/offline music streaming subscription service built exclusively for DJs and professional…
Follow Feature on Pulselocker

Pulselocker Adds New Website Feature

Pulselocker adds the ability to create shortcuts to your favorite artists and labels on using 'Follow' button. Pulselocker is the worlds first music streaming subscription service designed just for DJs - it's baked into all…
Pulselocker is Available In More Countries

Pulselocker Is Now Available In More Countries

DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 DJ software users located in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, The Netherlands and Belgium can now try Pulselocker free for 14 days. Pulselocker is the DJ-centric in-app subscription service baked into both PCDJ DJ…
Advanced Search at

Pulselocker Website Now Includes "Advanced Search" Feature

Pulselocker is worlds first streaming subscription service designed just for DJs. It's baked into both DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 DJ programs, providing DJs with in-app access to over 44 million songs. Consider it the "Spotify for DJs". The…