Karaoke Cloud Pro Update 5-19-17

Fifty-Song-Friday's | Karaoke Cloud Pro Will Do What It Takes To Rock You! 5-19-17

Even if it takes a lot to rock you, Karaoke Cloud Pro is here to deliver. Because that's what words best karaoke subscription service does, from releasing 50 new karaoke songs into Karaoke Cloud Pro channel every week, to producing only…

Here's What Was Included In The Final Karaoke Cloud Pro Update Of 2014

We're a little late posting this up with all the Holiday madness, but below we've provided a list of the new songs included in last week's Karaoke Cloud Pro update. (in-app karaoke subscription for use with our Karaoki karaoke software). Karaoke…

September 2014 Karaoke Cloud Pro Update Number 2: Variety Pack

Karaoke Cloud Pro is a professional karaoke subscription designed for new KJs looking for an excellent core-catalog of karaoke music, or Venue's looking for the perfect house system for hosting karaoke regularly.  Formally known as Chartbuster…