Download The Pulselocker iOS app

Pulselocker iOS App Is Now Available In The App Store

The new Pulselocker iOS app is ready for download in the iTunes App Store. Now whenever and wherever inspiration strikes DJs can reach in their pocket to create, edit and listen to Pulselocker playlists. The long-awaited Pulselocker…
Transfer Playlists From Music Services Into Pulselocker

Pulselocker Announcement | Import Playlists From Spotify And Other Music Streaming Services Into Pulselocker With Soundiiz

Beginning this week Pulselocker subscribers can import playlists from other popular music streaming platforms into Pulselocker using Soundiiz. DJs that have created playlists using consumer (home use only) music streaming services…
Pulselocker iOS app beta Testing

Beta Testing Of The Pulselocker iOS App Has Officially Begun

Pulselocker subscribers rejoice, beta testing of the much anticipated iOS has begun! We posted an open invite to sign up for Pulselocker iOS app beta testing a few weeks back. While the majority of slots are already filled there may be…
Pulselocker DJ music subscription maintenance

ATTENTION | Pulselocker Streaming Service Maintenance Scheduled For Tuesday November 8th

Pulselocker, the online/offline music subscription service available to use in all DEX 3 DJ mixing software versions, will be undergoing maintenance on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 from 11:00 PM PT to 03:00 AM PT. During maintenance hours,…
Pulselocker iOS app teaser video

Keeping A Pulse On Pulselocker | Watch The iOS App Teaser Video

The Pulselocker iOS Beta is dropping soon Pulselocker has been hard at work on their new iOS app, and it's nearly ready for beta testing. The iOS app will allow Pulselocker subscribers a method to listen to and create playlists on-the-go,…
Store Playlists Offline With Pulselocker

Not Just A Streaming Service! Take Music And Playlists Offline With Pulselocker

We've had so many inquiries and replies that we felt it was time to set the record straight - Pulselocker is NOT just for online streaming.  "I would never trust streaming music while DJing in a club! What happens if internet goes out mid…
Pulselocker Beat Selector Music Discovery Tool
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Pulselocker Feature Spotlight | Beat Selector

Pulselocker's 'Beat Selector' website tool allows you listen to and discover new releases from the music genres you follow. Pulselocker is a new online/offline music streaming subscription service built exclusively for DJs and professional…
Follow Feature on Pulselocker

Pulselocker Adds New Website Feature

Pulselocker adds the ability to create shortcuts to your favorite artists and labels on using 'Follow' button. Pulselocker is the worlds first music streaming subscription service designed just for DJs - it's baked into all…
Pulselocker search has been improved

Searching Pulselocker's Massive Library Just Got Easier

A couple weeks ago Pulselocker promised an improved 'Search' feature to yield more specific results when searching their massive 44-million-song music subscription library: "Search is also a critical feature and PL engineers are working…
Pulselocker Upgrades January 2016

The Pulselocker Experience Has Been Upgraded

I had the opportunity to sit down with Pulselocker's Chief Product Officer, Alvaro Velilla at the NAMM show this past weekend and discuss what's happening with Pulselocker right now. Alvaro graciously walked us through their recent site…