Music Discovery At Pulselocker

Pulselocker Has Revamped The Way You Discover Music On Their Website

Last week we posted an article about a recent update to the Beat Selector music discovery tool at We can now toss that post out the window as Pulselocker has revamped how you discover new music on the website. No longer…
Beat Selector Music Discovery Tool

Keeping A Pulse On Pulselocker | Beat Selector Update Allows You To Filter Multiple Genres

We introduced initial Pulselocker support in our DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE DJ programs in October of last year knowing it would be a massively popular in-app music service for DJs. That has, not surprisingly, proven to be the case with a large…

"Every Noise At Once" | Music Genre Map With Audio

How much free time do you have today? Dig into the "Every Noise At Once - Genre Map" There was a time when all "techno" (EDM is the new and more marketable broad-genre term used today) was essentially one genre with a few sub-genre's…