Most requested songs of 2016

The Most Requested Songs Of 2016 According To DJ Intelligence

DJ Intelligence has compiled various lists of client song requests made through their music request system at weddings and parties around the world during 2016, check out the links below. When you boil it all down, a DJ is a purveyor…
Selling DJ Packages

DJ Tips | Why Selling Two Vastly Different Packages May Be A Bad Idea (Video)

Last weeks  "Tuesday Tips with John Young" on DJNTV John explained how selling two DJ packages at vastly different price points can be a bad business move. "Having two different packages that are so completely different            …
Cocktail And Dinner Music For DJs
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(Video) Your Dinner Music Sucks, DJ! Try These Tracks...

Dinner Music Ideas That Don't Suck from DJNTV.  The innerweb is ripe with tips and music playlists designed to help keep the dance floor packed during your mix set, but what about the often required but rarely discussed Dinner Music (AKA…
Getting Bar And Club Gigs for DJs

DJ Tips | Getting DJ Gigs At Bars And Smaller Clubs (Video)

This time of year for Mobile DJs and Wedding DJs bookings are comparatively dismal.  However, the lull can present an opportunity to diversify. In the video titled "Getting Into Bars and Clubs Pointers" below, John Young of Disc Jockey…

Should DJs Consider Improv Training? (Video)

Being a DJ, especially a mobile DJ, means staying on your toes, ready for anything the event may throw your way. You have to improv. Making sure you're prepared with a backup DJ computer, extra cables and other gear is essential, but…

Building Your Mobile DJ Business Plan - Part 2 (Video)

Dr. Drax (Hugo Drax) from the ADJA joins John Young of DJNTV for the second part of 3 discussions regarding building your mobile DJ business plan. Just like any new business, your mobile DJ company will need a business plan. There…

9 Tips For Keeping The Dance Floor Packed At A Wedding

I'm usually less than enthralled by big-news blog attempts at providing insight into the DJ or Mobile DJ business, but this recent article posted at truly hit home. The article is titled: 9 Tricks To Keep The Dance Floor Packed…

DJ Tips | Use A Coax Cable For Long RCA Needs

I'll admit this is a new one for me.  In the 16 years I've DJ'd and worked with our customers to better utilize our DJ programs I never know you could use a coax cable for RCA at all, much less that it works better than standard RCA cables…
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Music Programming | When And When Not To Use a Remix (Video)

DJ mixing software like DEX 3 include features such as playlist creation and automix designed to make a DJs life easier, so DJs can focus on other important tasks during their gig. One of those tasks (or skills), and likely the biggest key's…

Disc Jockey News Recaps This Years Mobile Beat DJ Show

This years Mobile Beat Show just concluded in Las Vegas and lighting was the star of the show. Uplighting, more traditional moving heads and lighting display pieces such as the Volanti Cube took center stage -- providing mobile DJs with…

DJ Tips: Creating A Timeline for Your Mobile DJ Event

DJ Tips in under a minute with Jay Brennan: Create a time line for your events. Creating a timeline for your mobile DJ event isn't the same thing as creating a set-list or playlist.  It's about an organized flow of coordinated dances and…

Video: Set Lists Vs Music Programming

We've posted quite a bit in the past about music programming; being good at truly knowing your audience and programming accordingly defines a DJs success - or lack there of. Brian S Redd is a long time Mobile DJ who is well known among…