Mobile DJ vs Club DJ: The Line Is Blurred

The perception that Mobile DJ's and Club DJ's require different skill sets is fairly commonplace, and in the US it seems the line has been drawn more so than anywhere else.  I think the lines are blurring, and rapidly.  A "Mobile DJ",…

DJ Software Tips and Tricks - PCDJ DEX 2

PCDJ DEX 2 is our DJ Software that mixes audio, music videos and karaoke.  It's a very robust and featured-packed DJ mixing software designed for the professional DJ that wants to offer the full multimedia experience to their…
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From PCDJ VJ to PCDJ DEX 2: User Testimonial

Laurine Laxer has been a Mobile DJ and Karaoke Host in Key West Florida for the last 10+ Years Several years and about 6 laptops ago, I was convinced to quit buying hardware based DJ mixing decks that had to be replaced constantly…
DEX 2 DJ Software

Sound Card for DJ Software, What Are They and Do I Need One?

Since our product specialists here at a PCDJ receive this question often from first-time callers, I figured it was worthy of its own blog post... What is a Sound Card (or otherwise known as Audio Card)? First off, your computer already…

PCDJ and Beats Rhymes and Relief: Making Beats Count Contest

PCDJ is a proud sponsor of Beats Rhymes & Relief, a non-profit organization utilizing the arts to raise awareness and support for worldwide humanitarian relief efforts. Beats, Rhymes & Relief harnesses the power of cultural diplomacy to raise…

55 DJ Controllers Now Supported

PCDJ DEX 2 now supports 55 DJ controllers from various DJ hardware manufacturers. We’ve just released our new PCDJ DEX 2.6.3 and have upped our supported DJ controllers count to 55 DJ controllers from the top manufacturers in…
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PCDJ DEX 2 Get's Upgraded

Digital 1 Audio releases PCDJ DEX 2.6.3 for MAC and Windows, a feature packed free update to their DJ software that mixes audio, music videos and karaoke Clearwater, Florida, 8/8/13.  Digital 1 Audio, Inc (,…
DEX 2 DJ Software

2012 In Review: What A Year For PCDJ!

DJ Software and Karaoke Software, our year in review... Despite the notable economic struggles globally, 2012 was quite the year for PCDJ.   New updates to our flagship DJ software PCDJ DEX 2 included next gen and future…
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The Face Of DEX: Why The GUI Is So Important

Does PCDJ DEX 2 need a face lift?   GUI's are paramount to the success of any software product, but even more so when the software in question is for live DJing. DJ Software doesn't necessarily need to look "pretty", but the layout and…
DEX 2 DJ Software

Digital DJ Equipment: The Basics You Should Know

Manning the phones at PCDJ headquarters over the course of the last 14 years has taught me a couple key items: One, in this technology forward DJ software and DJ controller industry things change quickly over a short time span;…
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Free DJ Software?

DJ Software For FREE Catchy post title, huh?  Now that I've got your attention, we could use your input!   DJ software in recent years has obviously grown substantially in popularity, and one of the big reasons is a broader and still growing…
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Where Did All These DJ Controllers Come From?

Where Did All These DJ Controllers Come From?  It's been over 10 years.  Wow, I'm old. The first DJ controller on the market ever, meaning sold commercially in stores as a true professional DJ software controller, was the Numark DMC-1. This…