Best Karaoke Subscription Update 3-17-17

Fifty-Song-Friday's | Download These 50 Karaoke Songs Now With Karaoki And World's Best Karaoke Subscription 3-17-17

It's another "Fifty-Song-Friday" and the hits just keep on coming!  The licensing team at Digitrax Entertainment have recently kicked it into high-gear, promising KCP subscribers 50 new karaoke songs every Friday just like clockwork. This…

Karaoke Subscription - Why Use Karaoke Cloud Pro?

Professional Karaoke Subscription - Why Karaoke Cloud Pro?   Turn the hardest, most expensive part of being a KJ into the easiest and least-expensive one  Accumulating a legal karaoke catalog is expensive, time-consuming, and…

Karaoke Software Revolution, a PCDJ Karaoki User's Take

The KARAOKI Software Revolution I’ve always loved people, music, and a good time where everyone is having fun together...   That’s one of the reasons I bought my first karaoke player, along with the speakers, mixer etc…. Being able…