DJS shouldn't use downloaded youtube videos

DJ Advice | The Truth Behind Using YouTube Video Downloads For Video Mixing Or Karaoke

Every now and then, many of us partake in a little fast-food grubbing. It's quick, cheap and puts the kabash to hunger. Of course, later on we often regret cutting corners and accepting a quick-fix that only barely supplies necessary nutrients…

Karaoki Now Supports HD Plus Karaoke Videos...But What Is HD Plus?

Yesterday we launched a new Karaoki beta, which now supports HD+ Karaoke Files - but are HD+ karaoke video files and why would you want to host karaoke using them?  HD+ karaoke video files are basically the same as regular HD karaoke…

High Definition Karaoke Video Download Pack Now Available

We live in an high def world.  But karaoke music has lagged behind, until now.  Music video services for DJs have been delivering HD quality MP4 music videos for years, but the standard in the karaoke space has always (and still is in…