Karaoke Software Tips: Creating And Saving Multiple Background Music Cases

Karaoki is PCDJ's best karaoke software solution for professional KJs and karaoke venues.   It's featured packed, to the point where it's tough for even us to keep track of all the new features included with each new free update. One…

Karaoke Software Tip: Entering In Your Singers

PCDJ Karaoki is our best karaoke software for professional karaoke hosts.  While our DEX DJ Software includes a basic singers list and key control, in addition to DJ and video mixing capabilities, when it comes to hosting karaoke shows with…

5 Karaoke Software Tips - PCDJ Karaoki

Karaoke Software is the standard method for professional KJs hosting karaoke shows.   Hardware based karaoke players sales are down, karaoke software sales are way up. The reasons for the shift are pretty obvious.   Karaoke…