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Live Stream Q&A | See How KaraoQ Can Keep Your Patrons And Singers Coming Back And Staying Longer

Attention Karaoke DJs and Karaoke Venue Owners! (2pm-3:30PM CST August 18 Live-Stream)   We are only 48 hours away (2pm-to-3:30PM CST August 18th) from the karaoQ Live-Stream Q&A! During the event, the karaoQ team will give…
Karaoke Pro Tip - Separate Audio Outputs

Karaoki Pro Tip | Using A Separate Audio Output For The Background Music Player

Last week we published "3 Lesser Known But Kick A** Karaoki Features" to the blog, pointing out features karaoke hosts may not know about our karaoke software - but should. One of the three listed features was: Use independent Sound…
3 Karaoke Software Features You Should know

3 Lesser Known But Kick A** Karaoki Features

Over the last 7 years Karaoki has grown into the markets most robust, feature-rich karaoke software for professional KJs. Free updates are released often, with public betas posted to our Karaoki user forum almost every week. It's our customers,…
New Karaoke Software Features Found in Version 0.8.5872

Karaoke Software | New Features Added To Karaoki Version 0.8.5872 (And Up)

Karaoki has received a steady stream of free updates since the first iteration dropped late 2007. Many times, updates consist of small tweaks to existing features or merely maintenance releases to ensure rock-solid stability. We've…
Download Karaoki Beta 0.8.5865

Karaoke Software | Download Karaoki Beta 0.8.5865 Now

A new and improved Karaoki beta version is ready for download! Karaoki (public beta) build 0.8.5865 can be downloaded below. We suggest all current Karaoki KJs to download and utilize this public beta release candidate now (You can also…
Download Karaoki Beta 0.8.5855

Karaoke Software | Download And Try Karaoki Beta 0.8.5855

A new and improved Karaoki beta is available for download. Karaoki (public beta) build 0.8.5855 can be downloaded below. This latest iteration of our leading karaoke software for professional karaoke hosts squashes a couple bugs and and…
SongbookDB Remote Phone Requests

Explaining The Benefits Of Using SongbookDB To Your Singers

SongbookDB is a remote song/singer request platform that works with our karaoke show hosting software, Karaoki. Singers browse and search your online karaoke song book from their own phone and submit requests that pop-up in Karaoki directly.…

New Karaoki Beta Version 0.8.5770 Available For Download

Our karaoke software development team has been extra busy these last few weeks prepping Karaoki for some big news. The latest Karaoki Beta 0.8.5770 is ready for you to download and try, and it's been prepped for a big announcement coming…

What Makes LYRX Karaoke Software For MAC Unique

Digital 1 Audio (PCDJ) has a credible and experienced perspective on the karaoke software space and professional requirements, having created our very first karaoke software platform in 2002 (KJ VRM). LYRX karaoke software for MAC ($39.95)…

Calling On Beta Testers | New Option For Karaoki Users

We're calling on an exclusive group of Karaoki karaoke software users to test a new and unique add-on. Karaoki is the most feature-packed karaoke show hosting software solution available, while still maintaining an easy-to-navigate interface…

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