Karaoke Music Subscription Update 1-19-17

Professional Karaoke Subscription | Get These 20 Hit Karaoke Tracks Now With Karaoke Cloud Pro 1-19-17

"Even A Fool Can See" that Karaoke Cloud Pro is a working KJs best buddy!  From Australia to The Isle Of Man, KCP subscribers are "Everywhere"... "Girl You Know It's True" -- Another week, another 20 hit karaoke songs are ready for…
Karaoke Cloud Player update 1.0.6216

Karaoke Cloud Player Version 1.0.6216 Now Available

Update 1.0.6216 has been posted for Karaoke Cloud Player, the all-inclusive karaoke software + karaoke music subscription service. Karaoke Cloud Player is the home-use non-commercial edition of Karaoki that also includes the same great…
PCDJ 2016 Year In Review Cover Image

PCDJ Year 2016 In Review

A look back at PCDJ's 2016 When you're surrounded by a great group of teammates with the same vision and many years of experience in the live performance software field it's no surprise when you exceed many of your goals and expectations…
20 New Songs Added To Karaoke Cloud Pro Each Week

Announcement | Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscribers To Receive 20 Additional Karaoke Songs Weekly

DigiTrax Entertainment, makers of Karaoke Cloud and Karaoke Cloud Pro, has announced an expanded music production and distribution schedule that will add 20 new songs each week to Karaoke Cloud and Karaoke Cloud Pro throughout 2017. “We…

Pro Karaoke Subscription | Summer Is Here - Let Us "Take You High"

Karaoke Cloud Pro is heating up this summer with a minimum of 6 new karaoke downloads every week! Pro KJ's have no better source for commercially legal and quality karaoke music in the USA.   If you're new to hosting karaoke and need an excellent…

KCP Subscription | New This Week In Karaoke Cloud Pro

Digitax Entertainment has stepped up their new karaoke music game lately, releasing a minimum of 6 tracks-a-week into Karaoke Cloud Pro, the karaoke hosts professional karaoke subscription service built into our karaoke software. Now in…

5 New Karaoke Songs Added Each Week To Karaoke Cloud Pro

Digitrax Entertainment has set a new goal to release at least 5 tracks each-and-every-week into Karaoke Cloud Pro, the worlds best professional karaoke subscription platform accessible directly in our Karaoki karaoke show hosting software. This…

Karaoke Cloud Pro Is NOT A Streaming Service!

We've always been a company that prides itself on keeping an ear to the ground.  Recently we've seen some confusion out there in cyberspace regarding how the Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke subscription works -- we'd like to set the record straight. We…

March's Karaoke Cloud Pro Update May Get You in "Trouble"

Now available with your karaoke subscription for PCDJ Karaoki With Karaoke Cloud Pro you can turn the hardest part of being a KJ into the easiest and least-expensive one. Accumulating a legal karaoke catalog is expensive and time-consuming,…

December 2014 Karaoke Cloud Pro Update: Special Holiday Release

Karaoke Cloud Pro is a professional karaoke music subscription from Digitrax Entertainment (formally Chartbuster Karaoke) that currently includes 8,000 core library and new karaoke tracks, and is accessed in our PCDJ Karaoki karaoke software.…

High Definition Karaoke Video Download Pack Now Available

We live in an high def world.  But karaoke music has lagged behind, until now.  Music video services for DJs have been delivering HD quality MP4 music videos for years, but the standard in the karaoke space has always (and still is in…

July 2014 Karaoke Cloud Pro Update: POP/ROCK/RAP Pack

JULY 2014 Karaoke Cloud Pro Update: POP/ROCK/RAP Pack Karaoke Cloud Pro is a professional karaoke subscription offered by Digitrax Entertainment (formally Chartbuster Karaoke).   The subscription service is the only one of it's kind for…