Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription Update Sep 2016

Karaoke Subscription | New Tracks Available With Karaoke Cloud Pro

Download karaoke tracks. Sing. Be happy. It's all at Karaoke Cloud Pro. Your singers know, there's nothing else feels quite like it... There's nothing else like the feeling they get when singing their favorite songs. That's why…
New Karaoke Hits From Karaoke Cloud Pro Sep 1 2016

Professional Karaoke Subscription | Take Your Singers To A Desert Island With These New Hits

Music let's us get away from it all... For those precious few minutes while your singers are on stage, nothing else in the world matters. Nobody understands this better than the team at Digitrax Entertainment - their karaoke catalog has…
New Karaoke Downloads This Week In Karaoke Cloud Pro

Karaoke Subscription | Heat Up The Night With These New Karaoke Cloud Pro Releases

Get ready to throw the best bash yet. It's summer and we're turning up the heat (as if we need it) with these hot tracks on Karaoke Cloud Pro! Whether it's a backyard bonfire or a chic karaoke lounge, we've got the karaoke inventory to…
Use Karaoke Cloud Pro on Three Machines

KJ PRO TIP | Use Your Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription On Up To 3 Machines In The Field

There's a good chance you already know that Karaoke Cloud Pro (14-days to try free, $49.99-a-month after) is USA's legal karaoke subscription designed for commercial use -- but did you know you can use one subscription on up to three different…
Karaoke Cloud Pro Press Release - 14-Day Free Trial

Press Release: Karaoke Cloud Pro Can Now Be Tried Free For 14 days in Karaoki

Karaoke Cloud Pro, the world's first and only legal professional karaoke subscription service for commercial use, can now be tried at no cost for 14 days in Digital 1 Audio’s popular PCDJ Karaoki software. CLEARWATER, FL JULY 05, 2016 Digital…
Try Karaoke Cloud Pro Free

Try a 14-Day No Commitment Karaoke Cloud Pro Trial

Limited time only: Get a FREE 14-day Trial when you subscribe to Karaoke Cloud Pro for use with PCDJ Karaoki! The world's first and only legal professional karaoke subscription for commercial use is built right into PCDJ Karaoki - and…
Karaoke Cloud Pro Announcement Sony
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Important Karaoke Cloud Pro Announcement From Digitrax Entertainment

MESSAGE FROM THE CEO OF KARAOKE CLOUD PRO Dear Valued Karaoke Cloud Subscriber: Please be advised that due to circumstances beyond our control, effective immediately DTE and Karaoke Cloud Pro will cease distribution of Sony/EMI-controlled…
Solo Artist Performer Backing Tracks Cover

If You're A Solo Artist You May Want Your Head In The Karaoke Cloud

Last week Digitrax Entertainment announced the addition of 7,500+ karaoke backing tracks added to Karaoke Cloud Pro, the in-Karaoki subscription service that already provides 6000 karaoke tracks (with on-screen lyrics). The 7,500 plus karaoke…
Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke backing tracks announcement

Announcement | Karaoke Cloud Pro Now includes Over 7,000 Backing Tracks

"You’re now free to move about the stage!” Breaking news today from our partners at Digitrax Entertainment:  The Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke subscription service supported in Karaoki now provides over 7,000 karaoke backing tracks (no…
Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription update May 2016

Karaoke Subscription | All Bets Are Off With These New Songs In Karaoke Cloud Pro

Be the purveyor of quality karaoke tunes...  Whether your singers want to let their hair down or get down on the middle of the dance floor, what better way to do it than with high quality karaoke?! Let them grab the mic and belt out…
hot karaoke hits may 2016

These Hot Karaoke Tracks In Karaoke Cloud Pro Are No Secret!

Wash their worries away... they sing along to these great songs now available in Karaoke Cloud Pro. Get your singers in tune with their inner beach and transport them to their happy place. Whether that's laying poolside, singing…
Remastered Karaoke Hits In Karaoke Cloud Pro

Re-introducing The Classics | Remastered Hits Now On Karaoke Cloud Pro

Let them sing along with the masters... These evergreen hits will put a smile on your singers face, reminiscing about the good ol' days. Whether they're in the mood for a Throwback Thursday Night or simply want to sing along to the best…