Slam Dunks DJ Software Skin For DEX 3

Download The DEX 3 'Slam Dunks' DJ Software Skin

Sometimes, when everything comes together exactly how you initially envisioned you consider it a 'Slam Dunk' The recent release of RED Mobile 3.5, our 'lighter' DJ software solution, introduced a revamped GUI (skin). Now after a week…

DJ Software Skins | SB2 DEX 3 Skin Has A Red 5.2 Throwback Feel

Download The SB2 DEX 3 DJ Software Skin It all started in 1998 with the Digital 1200sl; PCDJ's first dual-deck mp3 DJ software with pre-fade listening - a major accomplishment for the time.   The successor to the Digital 1200sl was PCDJ RED…

Star Trek Themed Skin Shows You The Power Of PCDJ Skin Designer

"Things are only impossible until they're not." -- JEAN-LUC PICARD This freshly submitted user-created skin for DEX 3 is for all the DJ nerds and geeks out there! Harry Thomas of HMT3 Designs has boldly gone where no DJ software skin…
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How To Download And Install New DJ Software Skins

By using a custom DJ software skin for DEX 3 you can dramatically change the overall look and feel of the software, even change, edit or add functionality not present in the default skin included with the installation.  Through GUI customization…

Download New DEX 3 Skin With Full Width Waveforms

You should download this new DEX 3 skin submitted by our boy DJ Vargas if you love BIG beautiful waveform's and use a DJ controller -- it's wave-tastic. The new 2-deck skin is one of our favorite user submitted skins for DEX 3 so…

Download The Denon HC-4500 16:9 Skin For PCDJ DEX 3

Emiliano (DJ Vargas) just submitted his latest skin, and this time it's a 16:9 resolution skin for DEX 3 modeled after the popular Denon DN-HC4500 19" Rackmount DJ controller. Unlike previous iterations of his Denon DJ skins (If you haven't…

Download The RED Mobile 3 Skin For DEX 3

Our lighter DJ software designed for Mobile DJ use received a major face-lift yesterday with the release of RED Mobile 3, bringing the platform up-to-date with DEX 3.3. Part of the core upgrade to RED Mobile 3 is the completely redesigned…

DEX 3 User Submitted Skin – 4X1 Wheel DRV with Album Art

Our friend and graphic designer DJ Vargas has created another DEX 3 DJ Software Skin, and this time it's a 4-Deck version with on-screen rotating platters that display album art. DJ Vargas is a long-time pro DJ and hails from Sweden, he's a…

DEX 3 User Submitted Skin - "Audio Only" Denon DJ Skin

If you're a fan of Denon DJ, particularly the Denon DN-HC4500, this DEX 3 DJ Software Skin is for you.    Last week DJ Vargas submitted this Denon DN-HC4500 modeled skin complete with video preview displays for video mixing.  He's gone…