Sound Surfing wiht Shani| Mobile Music Thursday with Jason Jones | #DJNTV

DJNTV's (Disc Jockey News TV) Mobile Music Thursday with DJ Jason Jones features mobile DJs from around the country who are playing weddings, schools and bars to find out how and what they play and when they play it.  This week we feature Shani…

Programming Music For an Event and Catching The Vibe

Catching the Vibe | Mobile Music with Jason Jones and Guest DJ Chris Hintz, owner of Pinnacle Productions in Sioux Falls South Dakota.  (  As a Mobile DJ, programming music for an event or a wedding beforehand is pretty…

How To Mix: Six Tips For Complete Beginner Digital DJs - by DigitalDJTips

We're always on the lookout for DJ tips and advice for our DJ software users. Digital DJ Tips is a great resource for beginner DJs (and seasoned pro's alike), with many articles geared towards DJs brand-new to core DJ skills such as the basics…