Pulselocker launches LIST VIEW on Website

Keeping A Pulse On Pulselocker | New Alternative "List View" Added To Pulselocker Website

The crack team of developers at Pulselocker, world's first and only legal music subscription service built for DJs, will roll out an update to their websites next week that includes "List View" -- providing DJs a more efficient way to…

Easy To Use DJ Software: PCDJ RED Mobile 2

PCDJ has been in the business of creating and innovating DJ software since 1998, and I've had the pleasure (and quite possibly a bit of dumb luck) of being part of the DJ mixing software revolution from the start.  Our Digital 1200sl software…

PCDJ DEX 3 Final Release Candidate (Updated 8-5-14)

Yes, the excitement is almost palpable here at PCDJ HQ... DEX 3 release candidate 6 is now available for public download below, and the expectation is for it to be the last candidate version before the official public release.  That means…

DPC Latency Checker - Is Your Windows Computer Capable Of Running DJ Software?

Thesycon’s DPC Latency Checker is a Windows-Only utility that analyses the capabilities of your DJ computer system to handle real-time data streams, and it's FREE. When trying to figure out if your Windows computer is up to snuff for…
sidlist-singerslistcoverimage (1)

PCDJ DEX 3 – SideList-Singers LIst Preview Video

PCDJ DEX 3 will launch publicly soon with the goal to provide a single DJ mixing software solution to mix everything - music, music videos, as well as host karaoke. (check out the last video preview of the DEX 3 browser HERE) As outlined…
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Free DJ Software In Beat Magazine - PCDJ DEX 2 LE

Free Copy Of PCDJ DEX 2 LE Included In May's Edition Of Beat Magazine Beat Magazine (Germany) is a popular trade mag for music production and DJ-ing: BEAT combines expert hardware and software testing with dedicated DJ software and DJ…

PCDJ DEX 3 DJ Software 4-Deck Audio And Effects Tab Teaser (Screenshot)

PCDJ DEX 3 DJ Software 4-Deck Audio And Effects Tab Teaser   As we close in on the PCDJ DEX 3 DJ mixing software upgrade (FREE for DEX 2 customers!) we'll be blogging more about and unveiling many of the new included features and capabilities,…

Freebie Friday - Royalty Free DJ Sound Effects

Happy Friday DJs, the start to another bass heavy work "week".  It's "Freebie Friday" (maybe we'll make that a regular thing!) and I've tracked down loads of downloadable royalty free DJ sound…

DJ Sound Card: How To Use The Electrix Ebox-44 with PCDJ DJ Software

The Electrix Ebox-44 DJ Sound Card (For MAC or Windows)  The Ebox-44 (4in/4out) DJ Sound Card is a high-quality and very reasonably priced USB audio interface that is an excellent solution to use with PCDJ DJ software…

PCDJ DEX 3 DJ Software Preview: 4-Deck Skin

PCDJ DEX 3: DJ Mixing Software Upgrade Preview We issued THIS blog post a couple weeks back regarding the upcoming release of our PCDJ DEX 3 DJ software and the new "4-Deck Default Skin" that will be included. We're…

The Polarizing Topic of DJ Software "SYNC"

DJing is art to many.   The seamless blending of two tracks, on beat and harmonically, while layering in effects, scratching, loops and triggered samples to create an experience that’s transcendent for the audience.   As…

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