DJ Turns NYC Subway Car Into A Mobile Dance Party

"Today, we Dance!" At times DJing becomes more "work" than what many DJ's got into it for in the first place:  Fun and connecting with an audience.  For many DJs it's spiritual -- music uplifts! AMK Productions set out to uplift commuters…

DJ Parody Video: A Young DJ Struggles To Make It At Skrillex Academy

"Where you pressing, or where you pushing?!?" OK, so it seems the in-thing right now to dump on DJs -- every other week it seems a new DJ parody video eats up my Facebook timeline.    But like any being confident in their craft, you…

10 Things That Annoy Club DJs

If you're a club DJ, I'm sure you'll concur. Irkitated has put a list together of the Top 10 things that annoy club DJs.  If you're trying to stay on the club DJs good side, read on.   If you're a club DJ, think about printing this…

DJ Humor - DJ Poses

(this article was originally posted by Mixmag  - By Seb Wheeler, Elliot Thoburn, Robin Murray & Mixmag Staff) A collection of the best DJ Poses - and their most illustrious enthusiasts  (Mouse over images for captions) …