This May Be The Best USB Flash Drive For DJs

"The anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum housing is waterproof to 200 meters, vibration-resistant, and shock-resistant." - Ooooh, sounds impressive doesn't it? If you're a DJ working in a venue where there's a fixed computer…

Introduction to Digital DJing And DJ Software

Yes, DJ software has been at the forefront of DJ technology for more than a decade now, but our PCDJ product specialists receive calls from DJs all the time that are just now looking to make the jump from traditional DJ equipment (can…
RED Mobile 3 in Action

Top 10 Wedding DJ Myths

10 myths about wedding DJing A DJ buddy of mine sent this to me recently and I had to share, I think it debunks many of the worries a new DJ may have about breaking into the mobile DJ or otherwise Wedding DJ business. I believe this…
RED Mobile 3 in Action

Digital DJ Equipment: The Basics You Should Know

Manning the phones at PCDJ headquarters over the course of the last 14 years has taught me a couple key items: One, in this technology forward DJ software and DJ controller industry things change quickly over a short time span;…