DEX DJ APP For iOS and Android Teaser

Sneak Peek At The All New DEX DJ App Coming To iOS And Android

Everyone loves a good teaser, right? Today we'll peel back the curtain just a bit so you can get a first look at the evolving design of the upcoming DEX DJ app for iOS and Android. Just like Digital DJs replaced clunky lunchbox and rack-mount…

PCDJ DEX 3 - Browser Preview Video Overview

PCDJ DEX 3, our best DJ mixing software for mixing all media types (audio, music videos and karaoke), is almost here.   As outlined in this previous DEX 3 browser blog post, the media file browser has been a upgrade major…

DJ Software Feature Spotlight - MIDI Learn

Our DJ software applications, DEX 2 and RED Mobile 2 (as well as the upcoming version 3 upgrades) already natively support over 60 popular DJ Controllers from all the top manufacturers.   DJ MIDI Controllers with built-in support…


Our best DJ program for DJs that provide their clients with the total multimedia mixing experience, including video mixing, is receiving the largest set of upgrades in our DJ Software product history.   This…

PCDJ DEX 3 Preview - The Redesigned File Browser

PCDJ DEX 3 Preview: DJ Mixing Software Gets An All-New Redesigned Audio, Music Video and Karaoke File Browser    DEX is PCDJ's best DJ mixing software solution for DJs performing with all…

PCDJ DEX 3 - 4 Deck Skin Preview

PCDJ's best DJ software solution for mixing everything -- audio, music videos and karaoke -- is about to receive the largest upgrade to date, with an all-new browser, video mixing engine and graphics engine.   This…

DJ Software: PCDJ DEX 3 Preview

DJ Mixing Software: PCDJ DEX 2 DEX 2 is our top mixing software solution for DJs that want to offer the total multimedia experience to their clients and patrons.  A true all-in-one DJ mixing software solution that blends audio,…

DJ Software Tips and Tricks - PCDJ DEX 2

PCDJ DEX 2 is our DJ Software that mixes audio, music videos and karaoke.  It's a very robust and featured-packed DJ mixing software designed for the professional DJ that wants to offer the full multimedia experience to their…

55 DJ Controllers Now Supported

PCDJ DEX 2 now supports 55 DJ controllers from various DJ hardware manufacturers. We’ve just released our new PCDJ DEX 2.6.3 and have upped our supported DJ controllers count to 55 DJ controllers from the top manufacturers in…
DEX 2 DJ Software

PCDJ DEX 2 Get's Upgraded

Digital 1 Audio releases PCDJ DEX 2.6.3 for MAC and Windows, a feature packed free update to their DJ software that mixes audio, music videos and karaoke Clearwater, Florida, 8/8/13.  Digital 1 Audio, Inc (,…
DEX 2 DJ Software
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Digital 1 Audio Releases PCDJ DEX 2.6 for MAC and Windows, a Much-Anticipated Update to Their DJ Software That Mixes Audio, Music Videos and Karaoke

Digital 1 Audio, Inc (, a leading designer of performance software for professional DJ’s, karaoke hosts and entertainers, announced the release of PCDJ DEX 2.6. The new free update for existing PCDJ DEX 2 users includes…