DEX 3 Video Tutorial | Sync Start

A unique feature exclusive to PCDJ DJ Mixing software is "Sync Start" The purpose of Sync Start is much like Sync, to align two or more tracks at the same tempo and on-beat - which is possible thanks to the beat-grid technology found in…

Video Tutorial | Drag And Drop Files Into The DEX 3 Library From Finder Or Explorer

The recent launch of the DEX 3.4 mixing software update provides a few new features and performance improvements, including the ability to drag-and-drop files directly into active lists or the sidelist/automix list from Finder (MAC) or Explorer…

Video Tutorial | Using Autocue And How To Set Mix In And Out Points For Automix

DEX 3.4 (DJ And VJ Software) is now available for download and comes equipped with a revamped autocue feature and the ability to reset mix in and out cue points. The video tutorial below will walk you through how autocue works, and how you…

Video: DEX 3.3 Playlist Creation Tip

Our DEX 3.3 DJ software update dropped yesterday and introduced a few new features, but none more useful than multi-track selection. First off, as I'm sure some are wondering why multi-track selection is new to DEX 3.3, an explanation:  DEX…