Sneak Peek Of The Upcoming DEX 3.5 Skin

It's bone throwing time again!  A sneak peek of the DEX 3.5 skin. Our UI design team has been wearing out their mice working on a new DJ and VJ software DEX 3 default skin that will be available in DEX 3.5, only a month or so from now. We…

DJ Software Skins | New TS2 Skin Allows You To Get All Touchy With DEX 3

Press, push, drag and slide with your little digits using this TS2 touch screen skin for our DEX 3 DJ mixing software. We get calls regularly from venues such as restaurants and bars that are seeking a touch screen DJ mixing software…

DJ Software Skins | Turn DEX 3 Into Touch Screen DJ Software With This Skin

Download this skin to turn DEX 3 into touch screen DJ mixing software. Tablets and touch screen supported laptops are plentiful and popular today, and will likely be an industry-wide standard for Digital DJs sooner rather than later.…

Star Trek Themed Skin Shows You The Power Of PCDJ Skin Designer

"Things are only impossible until they're not." -- JEAN-LUC PICARD This freshly submitted user-created skin for DEX 3 is for all the DJ nerds and geeks out there! Harry Thomas of HMT3 Designs has boldly gone where no DJ software skin…

DJ Software Skins | Download New "SB" 16:9 DEX 3 Skin

DEX 3 users are starting to get the hang of using our free DJ software skin designer software -- skin submissions are trickling in weekly. This new "SB" DEX 3 skin submitted by Harry Thomas of HTM3 Designs comes in day and nighttime varieties…
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How To Download And Install New DJ Software Skins

By using a custom DJ software skin for DEX 3 you can dramatically change the overall look and feel of the software, even change, edit or add functionality not present in the default skin included with the installation.  Through GUI customization…

Download New DEX 3 Skin With Full Width Waveforms

You should download this new DEX 3 skin submitted by our boy DJ Vargas if you love BIG beautiful waveform's and use a DJ controller -- it's wave-tastic. The new 2-deck skin is one of our favorite user submitted skins for DEX 3 so…

DJ Software: Download New DEX 3.2 Skin With Vertical Waveforms

Skin Designer and PCDJ aficionado DJ Vargas has planted himself behind Photoshop once again and created another brilliant DEX 3 DJ Mixing Software Skin for our community.  DJ Vargas, AKA Emiliano Vargas, is a pro DJ from Sweden with…

DEX 3 User Submitted Skin – 4X1 Wheel DRV with Album Art

Our friend and graphic designer DJ Vargas has created another DEX 3 DJ Software Skin, and this time it's a 4-Deck version with on-screen rotating platters that display album art. DJ Vargas is a long-time pro DJ and hails from Sweden, he's a…